Who's Your Present Doper Crush?

Prompted by comments in a variety of recent threads I’ve been reading, who is your present Doper crush? I’ll admit that I’ve been thinking lately that if my circumstances were suddenly different, I wouldn’t mind getting to know even sven better.

It’s lucky I got here so quickly. This stampede could make Black Friday look like the Unabomber’s funeral.

Attention, attention; for those of you with a crush on me, I will respond in alphabetical order. Please be patient.

Will it crash the servers if all the Doper women change their username to Aardvark?

Well, I am married, so this is an exercise purely in hypothetical-ness, but …

Smart chicks turn me on. The Dope is chock full of 'em, so I can’t narrow it down to one, or even a dozen.

Shirley Ujest gets my motor runnin’.

Baby Driver. No idea what she looks like but her posts are pretty much always about sex, and… uh… hot.

ETA: This is also purely hypothetical because I’m about to be married.

After all these years it’s still Dung Beetle. And lorene, of course.

Some things never change.

Skald the Rhymer and Sampiro

I like writers.

I think she knows who she is. She hates threads like this.

lorene doesn’t post here as often as she used to.

That crash you just heard was the sound of a million doper hearts breaking. Well, two at least.

I’d like to know how old MeanOldLady really is. And, well if she’s really a lady, and by that I mean female.

Like the OP, my life circumstances mean I’m not going to do anything about any crush I might have - having recently adopted a toddler, my wife and I only occasionally have time and energy to carry on an affair with each other. (How, exactly, do couples have second children? We’re mystified.)

But my current crush is Freudian Slit.

Dr. Drake is hot.

There are lots of intelligent, hot, doper ladies, and I’ve got the hots for a fair few of them.

I haven’t told you this lately,** tdn**, but you’re still my favorite Doper of them all. :slight_smile:

Yes she is, and I don’t think she’s -that- old.

Me? I’m too shy to have a crush, thanks!

Heyyy!!! A thread to show me how popular I’m not.

Just like real life.

I’d have to say Freudian Slit. That name gives me naughty thoughts.

AND NOT ABOUT MY MOTHER. I’m just sayin.

From the reactions she describes, I’m postulating that MeanOldLady is a voluptuous woman with striking features and a no-nonsense attitude. Not sure that qualifies as a crush, but it’s close.

I’m a broad, and I don’t fuck around. This “striking” business is subjective.

My crushes are jimm and Stranger on A Train. I’m pretty jimm thinks I’m a stalker…

Aww, thanks!