Harmless Doper Crushes

::: stutter :::

Have you ever found yourself looking forward to reading a post by someone, simply because you’ve kinda sorta developed a crush on their perceived personality?


Ok, then. Perhaps it’s due to your feeling that you’re both alike. Or you’ve seen pictures somewhere and you find them just too cute.

Please tell me I’m not the only one. :confused:

And if so, let this just drift off the front page here so everyone can quickly forget about it.
That said, I figured that I’d better at least start by sharing one (who undoubtedly already knows that he is :D). Without anymore ado…

::: dramatic pause :::
Will The Mad Hermit come on down?!?
Now, I’ll go wait anxiously over there.

You’re not. But I went and married my Doper crush. So I don’t think he counts as a crush anymore. :eek: :smiley:


When I first read the title, all I could think was “What the hell did harmless do??” :slight_smile:

And bashful.
There are two.
And they both live in/near San Francisco.
That’s all ya get.

At least one.

Happens to me all the time, but I’m fickle. A few weeks from now, it’ll be someone else.

Er, sorry, no…I don’t think I know any Dopers enough to have a crush on them.

Listen up y’all. I appreciate the confessions that you do. I’m at least not alone in this boat. However, I was looking for some names people! Otherwise, we won’t be utilizing my choice of “harmless.” 'Cause that’s important here, to prevent me from blushing myself right off the boards.

[aside] Mr. Briston, I did capitalize, so there. And auntie em, I would think that marriage qualifies as anything but. [/aside]


See, I’m so embarrassed by being the only one thus far to have mentioned anyone by name, that I’ve screwed up my coding. :frowning:


I must say, we do get the cute ones here. :smiley:

Hee, hee! I had noticed that. :smiley:

Oh…alright. Maureen & Ink a dink a dink

Roger Thornhill, its’s going to be a long night, and I don’t particularly like the book I’ve started. <blush>

Dung Beetle, you better look around the corner for Gaudere. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thank you guys! That’s the spirit!! Now, if we’d only get a few more in here to let their hair down, I might just happily be surprised (and I’ll even kick my shoes in the dirt like a kindergartner) that maybe, just maybe, some of mine are reciprocated.

No, I ain’t tellin’ no more yet neither. You just gots to wait.

Although Troy, you are pretty cute. :smiley: As was freud’s response. It made me giggle.

P.S. We need a Preview for Quick Reply. ::: sigh :::

I got one but I ain’t going to say since I kinda hit on him before and got no response. :x

I wish I’d met lorene before she was married.

I always look for Anaamika, Draelin, FilmGeek, and WhyNot’s posts. (presented in alphabetical order, to display no favoritism.)

Aww, I came in here to say Candid Gamera, Miller, Lord Ashtar, Annamika, Anastaseon, and Hamirad-Sol.

Thanks, CG!

Been there, done that. He knows. Hell, half the board knows, if not more. :smiley: And he’s kind of busy right now.

Sigh. I can’t commit myself further at this time.

I also confess to having a certain partiality for Anaamika and FilmGeek.

Aesiron was my first Doper crush and I still like him a lot.

:eek: Aw, shucks! That’s the first time I’ve been mentioned in such a thread! I feel like a real Doper now!

I have long list of favorite posters I look for, including Anaamika, CandidGamera, **Draelin, Inkleberry **and Kythereia, but my “crushes” are **Sampiro **(yeah, yeah, I know he’s gay) and **Incubus **(yeah, yeah, I know he’s WAY too young).