Feta Cheese

Should feta be placed in water when it is being kept in the refrigerator? I have seen it being stored so at restaurants. What’s the particular reason for this? Is it just to keep it moist.

I know this is just a mundane question, so any feta users, please respond. Thanks.

Just a wildassguess, but do they cover it with water to keep the smell from permeating the rest of the refrigerator?
Same result as double poly bagging a real smelly one at home, but they cover it with water instead for easy access? If they weren’t going to use it soon, they’d bag it instead?
Just a guess, the water wouldn’t affect the cheese much, but the smell would be contained, untill they used it.

If you were a fan of real Limburger, you would understand the need for double bagging.

Feta has a high salt content, and develops an unpleasant briny taste if left alone in the fridge for days.

You put it in a container of fresh water to leech out the salt. You should change the water every other day, and finish the cheese off within a week or so.

I got a Greek wife, can you tell?


I thought it was supposed to be stored in milk. I have always done so, dunno why.
I LOVE Feta cheese. (Sorry for the MPSIMism).

Hey Ike, tell your wife geiasou from me :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip on feta storage! I love the stuff too - now I know how to keep it longer!

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I think that Feta cheese is rather scary. It floats in this weird smeely liquid and then you have to reach in and pull out a chunk and then beat the crap out of it until it is all broken up. This could just be because I work at a restaurant that serves it though.

I say “feh” to feta.