FFS, shut the fuck up about the mods


I’ve had my own run in with the mods, but Christ I’ve never seen so much fucking whining and crotch grabbing over this issue and that issue. I’m honestly not trying to get in mods’ good graces either: I will write what I want, and if I get banned, fuck it.

But shit, any suckage on this site is directly related to little weenies whining about mods sanctioning or not sanctioning behavior. For the most part, I must say, they mostly get it right.

Please elab.

And when they get it terribly wrong, counting on the 6 hr news cycle to focus its attention on something else is exactly what they count on. Same tactic that the Virginia governor wisely took btw. :slight_smile:

Much as I appreciate the sentiment, anyone who feels the OP is addressed to them is not going to really respond with an argument that, no, the mods really do suck and their complaints are justified, without breaking the “complaints about moderation go in ATMB” rule. As such, I’m going to close this.