To whom do I report

Moderator abuse to?

I am referring to Coldfire, who appears to be having an identity crisis, not knowing exactly which forum he is moderator of. Are there some people who run the SDMB that I can write a complaint to? E-mail address? Or do all complaints have to be posted in the Pit? Also, is there a terms or conditions agreement that moderators must agree to? If there is, is it available to regular posters?


Welcome to the Pit, even though you required some help.

This is where complaints go. Please state your complaint in an eloquent matter, and we will consequently tear you to shreds.

You can report moderator “abuse” to me, or TubaDiva, or the Webmaster. Generally, the Webmaster takes a while to get back to you. I have reviewed the incident in question (which Coldfire reported to me before I read the Pit) and agree with his actions.

ALL mods are allowed to take someone to task in other forums, if it’s appropriate. Here, it was appropriate. We are also allowed to delete or edit posts in other forums (and don’t give me fora, I speak English) if necessary. For instance, any advertising links are generally deleted by the first mod who finds it, no matter which forum the offending material is in. Similarly, if someone is being less than polite in a polite forum, a moderator can and should issue a warn.

For the Straight Dope

Excellent, can you please tell me then what I did wrong. Coldfire locked the thread but gave no reason why. Can you tell me what the reaosn was?

I have to agree with The Assailant. It appears that:

A. Coldfire has let his power go to his head.

B. He’s got a bug up his butt about The Assailant for some reason.

“Power does not corrupt men. Fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power.” George Bernard Shaw

Also, why did Coldfire move this thread to the Pit, when it is pain stakingly obvious that I have askd a general question.

From this link:

Message Board Intro Page

I quote:

The BBQ Pit : “If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB”

Has anyone else heard this song before? It sounds like a very familiar refrain.

Allow me to explain, kids.

This is not a power trip. It also helps to know, in addition to Lynn’s information, that moderators are not online 24 hours a day. Sometimes, they even are away from the boards for a few days. In these instances, we help each other out. Hence my moderating in GQ.

Now, for the BigFoot thread that got locked. I merely fixed Astroboy’s link at first, but then I went on to the site that Astro had provided. And guess what: I found the exact thing The Assailant was looking for. Well, not entirely: I found some stills, whereas he wanted the movie itself.

HOWEVER, right underneath the stills, a note was displayed, in about a 25 point font: “THE MOVING IMAGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE NET”. I figured that our little pal here would read that, and go about his business. Hey, fixed a link, AND answered the question. I’m sure the OP will be delighted.

He wasn’t: he said “Thanks, but I really want the movie”.

Hilarity ensued. Oh, hell, read it for yourself over here.

The Assailant was being an ass, so I locked the thread. I did the very same with all his “complaint” threads. They belong in the Pit, as I told him in the initially locked thread.

In short: no power trip, and no chip on my shoulder. Just plain common sense. Something which apparently is not one of The Assailant’s traits.


The forum desription for the pit says “If you gotta flame, do it here. This is the place for all complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB.” What part of the last sentence don’t you understand.

As far as closing your bigfoot thread, the original question was asked and answered, but you persisted in bitching anyway.

And when “Moderator Notes” (or “Moderator Hat On” in DavidB or Gaudere’s case) it means that the person is acting as a moderator in that particular post.

And FTR, I don’t think Coldy, nor anyone else here, for that matter, is abusing mod privileges. ::kiss kiss::

Oh come on now, Una, you can’t actually expect people to read the forum descriptions! [/sarcasm]

I’m sort of going to miss this little punk, His question on High Jumping was amusing in a moronic sort of way. He definitely had plenty of ignorance to combat.

Oh, goody. That was quick, Lynn. Thanks.

A very familiar song indeed, UncleBeer. Sounds to me like this bloke is one shrimp short of a barbie.

Dear Sir or Madam:

Look. You, by definition, can not and will not win this arguement. You made some mistakes in interpreting responses to your GQ threads, and you feel slighted by Moderators who notified you of them.

This is not new. I have seen this same sort of thing go down a hundred times just since Summer. This will only have 2 possible outcomes:

Outcome #1 : You will continue to rage against the machine, crying out for people to join you in fighting the percieved injustices you have “suffered”. You will fail, and get more angry, and be banned very shortly. 99% of people fall into this category at this point.

Outcome #2 : You will walk away from this board for a few hours, a day perhaps, and think. Coldfire et al have no grief against you, they have no agenda against you. You are new, and did not follow a few rules. Happens all the time. And you were warned, then slapped down as your behavior worsened. Look around at this board - we really are a good bunch here, especially the moderators. You can learn a lot here, and I’m certain contribute a lot, if you take a break and let your self-righteous indignation go away. Then come back, apologize to those you have been an ass to, follow the rules to the letter, and try to enjoy yourself and move on. Less than 1% of people fall into this category at this point.

If you choose option #2, I personally will be the first to extend my hand in welcome back to you, and will forget all of this unpleasantness.

It’s up to you.

For what it’s worth I think Coldfire acted appropriately and showed restraint.
I’m as shocked as you are! :slight_smile:

OH FUCKING HELL! What’s the point of trying to be nice then, and typing that long post?!

Never mind…I give up. I’m not going to do this again. :frowning:

I, for one, appreciate your efforts, Una. I’m sure there are lots of people who start off on the wrong foot, only to shape up later after being asked by kind people like you.

This idiot isn’t among them, though. Mostly because he wasn’t “starting off”, really.

Thanks Coldfire. I just don’t know if I’m more disappointed that so many people end up on this path to Board self-destruction, or if it’s because I typed that long post where every key-type I make now makes me wince in pain due to my carpel tunnel. Sigh. Well, now I’m hanging up a sign that says "Gone Drinkin’ " and trying to enjoy my day…

May I join you? And you made a nice effort, Anthracite. You can take solace in that.

Well, it looks like The Assailant has bit the virtual dust…

Zev Steinhardt

The Assailant sounds a little dippy to me.