To whom do I report

Didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to pick on people’s names?
How would you like it if someone noted your name as
Porc U P in E, sort of a classical musical scatlogical… um lost my point.
Carry on… It will come to me eventually.


“Pork, you pee in [the key of ]E”

no, no, no.

I get the “joke.” I’m not dense.

I’ve re-read the thread three times trying to find where Porcupine made fun of Assailant’s name. I can’t find it.

So: What the fuck are you talking about?

Um, the part I quoted.
He made the name part bold, so there was an added emphasis on ASSailant.

Sorry if you don’t get it. :frowning:

Ahh…my 'puter doesn’t show bold, so I didn’t see it.

thanx for clarifying.

Since I am never one to hold off on tooting my own horn, I wish to add that I mentioned to a certain Moderator, that a certain now-banned poster, had on his very 2nd post, displayed a personal knowledge of some long term “political” things going on around here. ie, either he was the lurker to end all lurkers, or he was one of them sockpuppet/ revenant/trolls. I now think the query has been resolved. :smiley:

Excellent work on the part of the Mods & Admins.

I’ve already been called “porcy”.

Do you deny that “The Assailant” (now banned) is an ass?

And I’m not a he.

BTW, do you come with pasta?


This isn’t gonna turn into another one of those sex threads is it?

Dammit it all. I had such an easy set-up and I blew it.

::never post in a hurry. never post in a hurry::

You don’t ban people for blowing a joke do you?

Considering how bad that was an exception should be made:)

I for one tend to kiss moderator ass at any forum I’m in…after being banned at this one board during a heated debate when I told a poster who was a friend of a real bitch moderator, that it wasn’t mature to call people names.
I was banned because “I wasn’t supposed to tell contributors how to behave.”

So mods intimidate me now…I am jelly.

Oh thou great SDMB mods, there is none higher!

/end of shameless asskissking

We Aussies call them prawns - whether we are wearing a hat or at the fish mongers and regardlesss of our mental state.

I’m getting the feeling that coldy got to be a mod because someone had to work nights and holidays. :wink:

I’ll second that one

What? Is that the SDMB policy of when someone makes a complaint about a moderator? You gang up on them and tear them to shreds? Or is that just you speaking for yourself?

Is anyone else beginning to wonder why Coldfire was promoted to Mod status? I think he is a classic case of the baseball clique “excellent player but can’t coach to save himself.”


Got a problem Puno? Oh, your one of these people who can’t express their opinions, and would rather conform with the majority.

My condolences.

Seven posts and most of them are concerned with SDMB moderating and moderators. Even if your IP number wasn’t a dead giveaway, I could tell from your posts that you have a grudge with with board and its mods.

If you have an issue with a specific action a moderator has taken then feel free to expound upon it in this forum, but don’t post just to insult a moderator.

Thread’s closed.