FFX-2 Question

I’m well along in chapter 5 and I failed to obtain crimson spheres 1 and 5 earlier in the game. According to what I’ve read, I should have got 1 from a cutscene in Bevelle in ch. 3. Didn’t happen. Should have got 5 from LeBlanc in the engine room in ch. 4. Guess I didn’t talk to her enough. Is there any way to still get these spheres? I’m curious about the Chamber of Woe, but not enough to play the game over just to see it. One of my students told me that if you dig in the Bikanel deseert enough times, you can find them there, but I’m not sure he’s trustworthy and it also sounds like it might take just as long as starting the whole game over.
Failing getting the spheres now, can somebody just tell me about the Chamber of Woe?

I haven’t played X-2 since it first came out, so I’ve forgotten most of the game, but I’d suggest poking around gamefaqs (.com) to see if you can find the answer there.

It should be able to tell you in one of the guides whether or not those spheres have additional chances of being obtained.

If you’ve already tried that, apologies.

I haven’t played X-2 in a while, but I’m pretty sure you’re boned, sorry. The Crimson Spheres are plotty, and the plotty stuff is one chance only.

As far as I know, there’s no second chance at those spheres.

On the plus side, New Game+ is not quite the same as starting the game over. You start at the beginning of the story and you don’t keep your levels, but you keep almost everything else–grids, spheres, abilities, items (except gysahl greens), lots of key items, and more. Once you’re out of the introduction, you can pretty much steamroll everything if you want.