Fictional Battles You Want to See

I was just mulling over some of the great fights between fictional characters we’ll probably never get to see…

James Bond vs. Shaft. This one was inspired by some Bond movie I was watching when JB was in Harlem (I think). It’s a close one: Bond has all those cool gadgets, but Shaft is a bad mother. (I admit, though, that when it comes to womanizing, Shaft wins hands down.)

Oh, and just in case anyone asks, I’m thinking the Sean Connery version against the Richard Roundtree version.

And then there’s Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones. Dual Harrison Fords in their prime. This could also be an evenly matched one. Sure, Han has his blaster, but Indy might whip it away before he can fire it off. Tough call.

Any others? Come on, people, don’t tell me you haven’t mulled over these while daydreaming in grade school…

How about Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones?
Yoda vs Luke
Sephiroth vs Kuja

Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix vs Japanese warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu
Napoleon vs Genghis Khan, provided their armies are outfitted with similar weaponry
Julius Caesar vs Alexander the Great

Oh, wait, you wanted fictional people… well, these guys all lived at different times, so they have to meet in an alternate dimension, does that count?

Been done.

How about the Enterprise vs. an Emperial Star Destroyer? If only to end that old debate here.

Enterprise A, B, C, D, E, or one of the original two? :wink:


I’d like to see June Cleaver and Elise Keaton in a knock-down, drag-out hair-pulling battle.

Barney v. The Teletubbies would be worth a $5 ticket, minimum.

Well, you’ve got three Fords here:

Ultraman vs Godzilla
Blade vs Darth Vader
The Punisher vs Charles Bronson
Han Solo vs Starbuck
Q vs Mr. Myxlplyk
Predator vs Pumpkinhead
Species 8472 vs the Yuuzan Vong
Big Bird vs Barney
The Monkees vs Spinal Tap
Obi Wan Kenobi vs Gandalf
O.J. Simpson vs Lorena Bobbit
Carl Lewis vs Secretariat
Osama bin Laden vs Ted Kaczinski
Lenny Briscoe (Law&Order) vs Andy Sipowicz (NYPDBlue)
Perry Mason vs Matlock
Millenium Falcon vs Delta Flyer (with Transwarp and/or slipstream)
7of9 vs Jamie Sommers
Imperial Star Destroyer vs Battlestar Galactica
Jaws vs Orca
Fox and Mulder vs MIB

ObTransformers: Unicron vs. the Death Star.

I’ve always wanted to see a fight between Kosh Naranek and Darth Vader. There would be pieces of encounter suits flying everywhere . . .