Fictional Events from a different persective

I was thinking about this and most events we know cane be seen from two sides, but in fiction we usually only see one.

Take these events from a very famous movie trilogy, but look at it from the other side.

“Terrorist sympathizers hack military database, stealing top secret information”

“Evidence of Senate collusion with terrorists prompts consolidation of executive power to protect government from subversive influence”

“Terrorist espiange ring discovered on remote desert planet, led by fugitive war criminal Kenobi.”

“Alderran mysteriously dissapears in wake of senate treachery”

“Thousands killed as Terrorists destory Space Station. Governor Tarkin murdered during inspection tour”

“Terrorists routed in remote artic base. Terrorist leaders still at large due to traitorous influence in command structure”

“Mining Colony liberated after Adminstrator Calrisson discovered aiding terrorist leaders”

“Legitimate Businessman on Tatonnie murdered by terrorists during robbery/kidnapping. Ambushed during pleasure cruise on Dune sea.”

“Thousands of union construction workers murdered by terrorists at Space Station Construction site. Emperor killed while supervising construction. Navy promises swift justice after vicious ambush”

“Exotic, uber-cute intelligent animals die from radiation posioing as endorian wildlife preserve destoryed by radioactive debris from space station destruction by terrorist strikes”

I invite people to do their own versions of any ficitonal sequence of events, or event, or maybe just add to what I’ve done in the Star Wars sense(for those who didn’t get it). Or just quibble with what I’ve put up.

There was an episode of News Radio (I think) that was supposedly taking place in the future. One of their news bits was something like…

“Terrorist forces today destroyed the flagship of the Empire, killing thousands of the best and brightest from hundreds of worlds. Our prayers go out to the families of those lost.”

“Insubordiate police officer ignores protocol in a terrorist situation, resulting in the deaths of several hostages and several million dollars worth of property damage.” Either Speed or Die Hard

“Dowling Street confirms existence of top-secret British assassination squad. Parliamentary probe uncovers sexual escapades and rampant misuse of travel funds.”

That would be Downing Street … sheesh.

“Federation flagrantly violates Organian treaty: Planet Killer torpedo tested in Mutara sector”

“Scout ship Hijacked; crew murdered by Rogue Starfleet officers.”

“Vulcan used as sanctuary for rennegade crew. Deny extradition requests”

“Evidence from hijacked vessel provides incontrovertable proof of Officers actions”

"Captain exhonerated by Starfleet officials in murder of Scout ship crew, despite evidence. "

“Murderers Rewarded with new ship and command.”

You forgot “Federation Starship stolen by rogue officers”


“Rogue federation officers tamper with past for own benefit”

Never made the Klingon News service

A deleted scene from the first Austin Powers movie showed the reactions of the wife/children of one of Dr. Evil’s henchmen and the friends of another learning of their deaths. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who ever wondered if “nameless guy number 4 who just got blown away by the Bond-mobile” had people who loved him.

Of course Gregory Maguire has made a very good living retelling stories from the point of view of the villain (Wicked, Mirror Mirror etc.).

Planet of the Apes from the perspective of the Apes would be interesting. You’re minding your own business, being the best Ape you can be, when this mutant human starts challenging your society, your religion, killing your colleagues, taking your leader hostage, etc…
Ape City Daily: Special Bulletin Mutant talking human takes Defender of the Faith Hostage! Demands Recognition of Human Rights! Apes for the Ethical Treatment of Animals throwing shit at guards!**

Well, after Watching some of the Star Wars movies and playing Jedi Knight 2 again, I’m starting to feel bad for the poor stormtroopers. Here you are, some guy just trying to earn a living, doesn’t even have a name, have to work in dangerous enviroments(The Death Star was full of pits with no guardrails), givin crappy weapons, armor that doesn’t seem to block blaster shots or Ewok Rocks, and helmets you can’t see out of, and some Jedi comes in and chops you head off. Not to mention having to worry about being choked by your superiors.

Most of them are probably conscripts, as well, so they probably don’t even want to be there.

It’s wierd, since I don’t feel that bad for evil henchmen in James Bond/Austin Powers movies.

Troubled girl travels to a surrealistic land, kills the first person she comes across, then signs on with three strangers to carry out a hit on the first victim’s sister.

Weyland-Yutani employee under indicment for mutiple homicide, destruction of company property. Claims “An Alien made me do it”.

USCM Platoon destorys WY colony, murders company representative Carter Burke.

Fury 161 Prison shut down in cost-cutting measure. Murderer rants about “Alien”.

In headline format that would be

"Alien named Gale crushes beloved citizen, Ms. East, with house. Claims to be from star “Kansas”.

“Local Scarecrow stolen near crossroads. Alien Teenager wanted for questing”

“Emerald city Opium crop damaged by vandals”

“Local Citizen, Ms. West, murdered by Alien during robbery attempt. Beloved cleaning implement stolen by motly gang after causing property damage.”

“Local citizens cat harassed by alien dog. Spoils Wizards farewell ceremony”

Refinery Closed, Ships Grounded In Federal Probe

Insmouth is a cheerful, little fishing village. Smiling fishermen head out in their boats. Townsfolk wanded into The Esoteric Order Of Dagon (a local fraternal organization) to socialize and hear the wisdom of their elders. The sunshine is obscured only by the occasional bit of smoke from the Gilman gold refinery.

Not today. All ships are restricted to port. The fishermen go unpaid. Their families go without food. No more bingo games at Dagon hall. The Federal government has decided that Insmouth is somehow dangerous. When asked for evidence, they make vague mentions of reports. Try explaining to seven-year old Hortense Waite that her father can’t feed them or pay the bills because of ‘reports’. Explain to the Marsh sisters that their cargo of Bibles and icons can’t go that mission in Ponape because of ‘reports’.

Some fools will object that there are strange lights and sounds on Devil’s Reef. Of course there are! With the odd acoustics of that bay, and the numerous sounds of the sea every now and then conditions will be right for an odd sound. It’s no stranger than an echo canyon. Of course there are odd lights, any one who has spent time with the sea knows that some of its creatures glow. With the tides being what they are, small wonder that glowing jellyfish or algae sometimes light up the reef.

But the federals don’t care about any of this. All they know is that this is another chance to throw their weight around and waste tax payer’s money.

They do stuff like this in The Venture Brothers, the Johnny Quest parody currently running on Cartoon Network. Some of the funniest bits are little vignettes of the main bad guy’s henchmen just hanging out waiting for something to happen.

“Local tailor savagely executed by undertrained FBI agent.”

" ‘She’s a *****!’ Teacher explains his side in bizarre “election” scandal."

“Bordello-turned-theater closes after disastrous opening night. Duke withdraws financing.”

“Rogue forklift driver destroys top-secret bio-weaponry, colony base.”


" ‘Is it true that five Los Angeles women, all with the same name “Sarah Conner”, were killed in a single day, with the sixth “Sarah” still missing?’

Status: True. "

More Star Wars:

“Faulty personality circuit prompts C3 droid recall. Few annoying models expected to continue serving”

“Local Junk Merchent claims he was swindled by foreigners. Says “pod race rules were broken by force use””

“Desert nomads slaughtered by mysterious assailant. Visiting Jedi sought for questioning in incident”

“Galatic Amputee rate falls drastically after Jedi Purge. Health care admistrators grateful”

“War Hero badly injured by Rouge Jedi. Skywalker expected to sustain permenant injuries”

"30 childern die after tragic lightsaber accident. Lightsaber regulations proposed in senate "

“Hate crimes plague local Mos Eisly Cantina. 3 non-humans murdered minutes apart by caucasion human males, who were later seen fleeing the scene together”

And some Lovecraft for fun…

“NOPD criticized in botched raid. Minorities unfairly targeted, says civil rights groups”

Late last night, the NOPD, acting on an informants tip, raided a religious ceremony in the swamps outside New Orleans. Now, Captain Legrasse is under heavy scrunity for his heavy-handed methods.

The police entered the swamp yesterday evening due to squatters rumors, and for hours crawled through the underbrush. As night fell, they reached the site of a religious ceremony in progress by a group of minority immigrants. For whatever reason, the police immediatly began shooting at the immigrants, arresting those who weren’t killed outright. All their contraband was conficated"

One of those arrested protested “We weren’t doing anything. Just minding our own business, worshipping our God. Then those jackboated thugs bust in and attempt to kill us all. I’ve got a nasty welt from where they beat me while arresting me”

Captain Legrasse responsed “These mongrals were conducting evil, unholy rites. We had to stop them for the good of the people. These were bloodthristy criminals and we stopped them”

A Representative from the American Civil liberites union said “These people have the right under the constitution to worship whom or what they please without fear of government persecution. The fact that their beliefs are not mainstream has nothing to do with the fact they broke no laws and were practicing their religion peacefully. The frankly racist raving of Legrasse only proves this raid was conducted as part of a general campaign of minority supression on the part of the New Orleans Police Department.”

Actually, I decided I like this one better

“Rodian murdered in local Catina by Infamous Smuggler Han Solo. Most witnesses confirm Solo was the only shooter, despite unconfirmed reports that Greedo fired first”

(Not really mine, but…)

Grand jury indicts eco-terrorists for attack on InGen expedition.


There’s a story – delivered frequently as glurge – of pen pals who fall in love, arrange to meet after many years, and when the guy shows up, he is greeted by the sight of a woman who isn’t quite as young or attractive as he had imagined. He grits his teeth, trying his best to accept her, when she suddenly reveals that the REAL woman, a gorgeous young babe, had sent her out to see what his reaction would be. The moral of the story, of course, is that because the guy didn’t judge solely on exterior beauty, he wound up with the gorgeous young babe.

There’s another story told from the point of view of the older, less-attractive woman. In this version, she WAS the actual pen pal, but when she noticed his hesitation, she quickly pretended that she was a decoy and pointed him in the direction of someone else while she left to nurse her hurt feelings.