Fictional heroes who are overweight

This is who I thought of too!

Then I was going to suggest Mycroft Holmes, but I don’t know that “hero” is a good description.

From Marvel Comics:
Thor’s companion Volstagg (who is an homage to Shakespeare’s Sir John Falstaff).
Roger Bochs, who controls a robot called Box, in the Alpha Flight comics.

Zhu Bajie, aka Zhu Wuneng, aka Pigsy, from Journey to the West.

And here’s an illustration of The Amazing Bubbles from Wild cards

And Robert T. Ironside.

My favorite overweight fictional hero is the Dashiell Hammett detective known as the Continental Op, who could handle himself with fists and a gun despite being less than physically imposing. As a bad guy said to him after coming out on the losing end of a an encounter:

“'Fore God, Fat Shorty, you done hurt me!”

Sometimes a villian, sometimes a hero, but always a legend in his own mind - Henchman 21 from The Venture Bros. Hench 4 Life.

The original – Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ older and arguably smarter brother. He’s never been portrayed in the movies as actually very fat – the actors playing him haven’t been that heavy.

Nero Wolfe was portrayed by William Conrad (mentioned above as Frank cannon) and, on radio at least, by Sidney Greenstreet. Rex Stout didn’t like the series, but he said he liked the actor. I suspect this was because Greenstreet famously played Guttman in the 1941 version of The Maltese Falcon, and I suspect that the character of Guttman inspired Nero wolfe.

As to Mycroft- “*Heavily built and massive, there was a suggestion of uncouth physical inertia in the figure, but above this unwieldy frame there was perched a head so masterful in its brow, so alert in its steel-grey, deep-set eyes, so firm in its lips, and so subtle in its play of expression, that after the first glance one forgot the gross body and remembered only the dominant mind.[4]*

The best Wolfe was Maury Chaykin as Nero Wolfe.

Umm, no, since Stout started writing NW in 1933. In the 1931 film version, Guttman was played by Dudley Digges, who is not really “fat”, and that film wasn’t very good.

I was going to mention him.

Speaking of Jack Black: Ignacio from Nacho Libre.

Horace Rumpole, from the Rumpole of the Bailey series by John Mortimer.

OMG! Herbie! I haven’t thought about Herbie in decades. Those comics rocked!

I’m rereading Stephen King’s IT. Ben Hanscomb is definitely heroic (although he’s only fat as a kid).

Nick Frost is fairly obese and he has had quite a few roles where he has played a “hero”, including his films with Simon Pegg like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Most notably though I think of his character in the TV series Into the Badlands where he was a surprisingly believable (to me at least) martial artist who can kick butt despite his atypical body type.

On that note, Sammo Hung is a martial artist (he was trained with Jackie Chan at the China Drama Academy when both were small children) and he has starred in a number of films as a martial arts hero despite his weight, and had a starring role in the American TV show Martial Law for more than a decade.

I realize that this thread is about “fictional heroes” that are overweight, and not actors, but obviously when overweight actors play that role then the characters they portray fit the subject.

Took me ages to track it down, as I could remember the premise, plotline and main actor, but Henry Crabbe, from Pie in the Sky definitely fits that bill:

And quite a few other Jack Black characters:

Po, from Kung Fu Panda.
JB, from Tenacious D (in the movie, at least, he’s fairly heroic)
Professor Sheldon Oberon, from Jumanji
Eddie Riggs, from the Brutal Legend video game

Red Tornado Ma Hunkel

Um, yes – The Maltese Falcon was serialized in 1929, and appeared in book form in 1930, three years before Nero Wolfe. Guttman is described as fat, and he “interlaces his fingers over his center mound” when thinking, just as Wolfe did.

That Greenstreet played the best interpretation of Guttman, and later went on to portray Wolfe on the radio are, I suspect, connected with Stout’s evaluation of him as the best Nero Wolfe.

It is true that the book The Maltese Falcon came out shortly before NW published the first NW tale. That does not mean that it inspired Stout.

Greenstreet was good, I admit.

Captain Chaos (Dom DeLuise) in the Cannonball Run movies was a fictional hero who was overweight.

See Sybil Vimes (née Ramkin).