Fictional heroes who are overweight

Three years before.

I gave my reasons for thinking it inspired the character.

I found some more fantasy examples from this similar reddit thread (2015):

After looking around, I couldn’t really find anything about fat protagonists in the sub. So, how bout it? Have you read anything where the protagonist is explicitly heavy? I’d say Hobbits could count but we’re all aware of them.


Ignatius Reilly - Not sure about a hero, but definitely overweight.

That’s not Henry Crabbe! that’s Earl Hacker! or perhaps the good doctor Albert Meinheimer…

Friar Tuck was overweight and a hero, right?
Sancho Panza should qualify too, I believe.
Bud Spencer was an actor, but he impersonated a caracter. Heroic and overweight for sure.

The main character of Trapped, Andri, is a pretty heroic police detective in Iceland and he is built like a polar bear.

That reminds me: Nanny Ogg, one of the three witches of Lancre and co-protagonist in several Discworld novels, is described as small, round and wrinkled.

So I can only assume that the show will eventually cast Cara Delevingne.

Bud Spencer also starred in a short-lived series called Detective Extralarge.

As an aside, I checked his Wikipedia bio. I’d always dismissed him as a fairly one-dimensional side-kick in the Trinity films but he was quite the renaissance man.

Winnie The Pooh.

Yes, he was far more interesting as a person than his roles.

Detective Robert Goren (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) of Law & Order: Criminal Intent was on the heavy side particularly toward the end of the series

Detective Kevin Bernard (played by Anthony Anderson) of Law & Order was on the heavy side as well.

He’s described physically quite a few times, though I was lazy and Googled rather than checking the books myself. A couple are here:

(From here: Christie’s physical descriptions of Poirot: Branagh and Suchet | Seven Storeys High)

So it is a little odd that David Suchet wore a fat suit. Plump in Christie’s time might well have been bigger than we’d consider plump now, but it wouldn’t mean as rotund as Suchet’s Poirot was. For me it worked with Poirot’s avowed non-athleticism and love of rich food, but it’s true that it doesn’t entirely match up with the books, and Suchet’s Poirot really did do all it could to match up to the character in the books.

If you haven’t read David Suchet’s biography, mostly about him as Poirot - well, it’s called Poirot and Me, so even Hastings on a bad day could work that out - it includes a long list he kept to give to episode writers about facts he’d gleaned about Poirot from the books. I’d be inclined to give that show a pass for making him rotund, when it fitted the character so well and everything else about him fitted totally.

/Poirot hijack

Saying they are “overweight” says there is a proper weight that they should be that they are over.

This thread encourages hate speech. Check your privilege.

Although re-reading that recently, and a few other Pratchett books too, it was a little disconcerting how much focus there was on her being tall and fat. I mean yes, we get it, she’s huge, but it’s mentioned nearly every time she’s mentioned, and it gets a little old.

But all the same, there is an interesting character with agency and personal interests who is also fat, and she’s extremely likeable.

That kind of reminds of Patton Oswalt’s Constable Bob from Justified. You underestimated Bob at your peril.


Robbie Coltrane in Cracker

Po in Kung Fu Panda (Jack Black again)

Melissa McCarthy in Spy (not a bad movie at all for its genre)

Society says there are proper weights that people should be. It can be helpful, whatever weight you yourself are, to see positive characters who do not fit that template.

Apologies for multi-posting, btw. I thought it was easier for everyone else than one long post.

My favorite hero.

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Brad Runyon, a.k.a. The Fat Man

Gérard Depardieu as the (real life) thief turned policeman turned private detective Eugène François Vidocq in…