Fie upon Harvard. Fie! (or, a sports update)

Well, I’m back from beautiful Lake Placid, and this is GrandfatherTrout’s East Coast Athletic Conference Hockey Championships report.

We lost.

‘We’ in this case being Cornell University, the Big Red, the Hill, my alma mater. And it’s not like we didn’t kind of earn the loss: we just couldn’t get it together, and Harvard (our opponents in the final game) played little better but at least they managed to be more thuggish about it. We were tied 3-up going into the 3d period. We were tied 3-up going into first overtime, and then second as well. About 15 minutes into 2d overtime everybody on both teams looked exhausted; I can tell you that we in the stands were feeling pretty damn wrung out as well. Our goalie was a certain Mr. Underhill–no, not that Mr. Underhill–and he had by this point spent 95 minutes demonstrating why he’s the league’s most valuable goalie. The man was a wall.

But then something got by him, and that was that. The trio of Crimson fans who had parked themselves in the middle of the Cornell section went bananas in a loud, turn-around-and-laugh-at-the-fans kind of way. Charming.

So there is no joy in Mudville, nor in Ithaca neither. Harvard, I cast my despite in thy teeth.

Harvard won an athletic contest? Wow.

I’ve been to sporting events where the Harvard fans showed themselves to be rotten losers. I’m sorry to hear they’re bad winners, as well.

(apologies in advance to all of the worthy SDMB Harvard alums, who will be storming in here shortly to announce that THEY are excellent sportsmen, gracious winners and humble losers, and that GT and I somehow managed to fall in amongst the Lower Classes of Cambridge attendees)

I’m sorry to have missed the game.
Underhill let one through? Nutz. Harvard got lucky.



Well we still won the Ivy title.

Let’s Go RED!

–Cliffy, CU '95

Request for additional info, please.

Where was YALE in all this extravaganza of hockey?

To the best of my knowledge? New Haven. I regret to inform you that the Elis were defeated in the quarterfinals on March 9.

By, um, Cornell.

<< sigh >>

Of course - they would be.

I admit to an appalling indifference as to how Dartmouth is doing in hockey (or any other sport, for that matter, although I do follow rugby on account of the enormously high h.l.q. in the roster.) so I will merely agree that Harvard sucks enormously.

You ever see the Smith rugby team? Yowza! I mean, I’m still straight (last time I checked anyway), but I’d look at some of those girls and think, if I were into girls, she’d be a good candidate.

Ah, Geobabe, you know me too well- I’m sure most other people don’t get that particular acronym. (And the answer is yes, by the way.)

And I am now listening to “Fight fiercely, Harvard” as a mark of scorn and derision on your behalf, GT.

IIRC, they were doing pretty good and there was some question as to whether the Ivy title would go red or green this year, but we won our last game and you lost yours and we took the title.


You said it, sister.