File download warning (SP2)

One of the new annoying features of SP2 is that whenever I want to download a file, I get a little warning pop-up that asks if I really want to download it. If I’m downloading multiple files at once, this can get really annoying. I’ve tried looking through internet options and I’m at a loss, is there any way to get rid of it (short of uninstalling SP2)?

Please? I hate bumping threads so I’ll only do this once.

I use Internet Download Manager, which usually overrides Windows Download function.
IDM. It’s a sweet little program and worth the price.

  1. Before SP2: “Jesus, Windows is insecure. They should do something about it.”

  2. After SP2: “Jesus, Windows is too inconvenient. I don’t want that.”

  3. After removing SP2: Goto #1

You have to choose: convenience or security.

Balls. A half-decent OS should have both.

Why roll your eyes at someone who legitimately wants windows to stop asking stupid questions?

      • I had this problem too. I don’t remember exactly where the setting is, but I do know that SP2 installed that little 3-way “Internet Security” thing, and also changed some of the options in Internet Options. You can turn it off, because eventually I did. I just don’t remember how, but I did not uninstall or roll back SP2.
  • Look around in “Internet Options”, in the Security tab–there is an option about “prompting before downloading files” in there.

I’ve noticed this too, and added a few domains I often download from (like for software trials) to my ‘trusted sites’ list in the internet explorer security settings. That works well. (Also for any site I want to get pop-up messages from.)

Hope that tip helps

I tried that, and conceivably, it should work, but for some reason it doesn’t. I’ve tried fiddling with all kinds of things and that stupid message is always there. I don’t have to reboot in order for internet options to take effect, right? Any other ideas?

I was just fine with the “insecurity” before SP2 as I don’t make sites that throw spyware at me part of my daily routine. It’s the constant nagging of Windows Update that’s making me upgrade to SP2, and the fact that my college network may at some point not let me on without it.

I am running XP SP2 and do not have that problem.