Film The Proposition

I saw an Australian movie on IFC. Lots of really dirty, violent folks doing really dirty, violent things to each other in 1880. With camels.

Did camels truly pull wagons in Australian in the 1880s?

There are still camels roaming the outback. I saw lots of them when l was driving between Alice Springs and Uluru.

Great, gritty movie, by the way.


I love The Proposition; awesome film.

Oi, I’ve seen that film! I was confused by “Film the Proposition”- thought you might have been referring to a dirty movie or something else like that.
But yeah, I’ve seen The Proposition. It wasn’t bad. A bit long I felt, but I enjoyed it.

Seem to me a film about a proposition would have no proper ending.

Like many propositions, it ended with a climax.

I think it was a great film. Beautifully shot.