Final Fantasy Music--The Black Mages

I just saw the link on Penny Arcade this morning, but this is pretty cool.


I only vaguely recognize the music…but it’s pretty cool on its own!

Final Fantasy has always had good music - or as good as its systems allowed for.

The big boss themes (One Winged Angel, Liberi Fatali, etc) lyrical themes of the PS/PS2 games (Eyes on Me, Melodies of Life, 1000 Words, etc) and certain repeated bits (Chrystal Theme, Chocobo theme, Victory, etc) tend to be the ones remembered, but a lot of the more unique incidental and battle music is also great.

I’d have liked to here a similar arangement for some of the other stuff (Crystal Theme, Chocobo Theme, Victory, some of the location and character themes), but I can’t say I completely fault Uematsu for sticking to the battle themes.

I really like their arrangement of Those Who Fight Further.

While we’re at it, let me link you to The Minibosses, who are also Metallicizing (is that a word?) game music. Looks like they’re taking their music down to redo it, though, because there used to be a lot more on the site. If you can find their Castlevania songs, you’ll be happy.

To confirm: the FF5 music is obviously your first fight with Gilgamesh, and the FF7 music is the Safer Sephiroth (tri-party) battle?

Thanks, Leaper. I’m not real familiar with the series enough to know the music. I mean, some I haven’t played at all, and some I’ve only played once. :eek:

Everyone raved over One Winged Angel, but I really loved the Jenova battle themes. I replayed the Jenova battles several times over, drawing them out, just to hear the themes.

I really like the Chocobo themes. I’m talking, in both cases, about the music IN THE GAME ITSELF, I don’t have CDs of game music, except the CD which came with the PSX repackaging of FF 5 and 6(j).

Current favorite boss-type music, in no particular order:
*Culex’s theme from FF4. It’s so cool it even got a cameo in Super Mario RPG. ;p
*“Dancing Mad”, Kefka’s theme from FF6. Fun and morbid all at the same time. The final boss music, a variation on this, is okay at times, but it gets a bit grandiose with all that church organ stuff.
*The Dark Lich’s theme from Secret of Mana. Evil, but very catchy.
*Magus’ theme from Crono Trigger. Ominous, yet rocking.
*Altima’s Theme from FFTactics. But then, it’s just about the only battle music in that game that has any sort of driving melody.
*Kura’s theme and the Kuja battle from FF9. Another one of those creepy/fun/evil themes. Although, I have to say, the final final battle music totally gave me the shivers. :eek:

(Hm, there’s something these themes all have in common… ;p)

But I have to say my all-time favorite is the Crono Trigger sound track. I love that music. It’s got great mood-setting stuff, good non-intrusive music one can study to, and a very eclectic collection of “instruments”.