Finally, a Candidate I Can Get Behind

For the most part, for the last 7 presidential elections I have held my nose and ticked the box next to the presidential candidate that I have felt was closest to the kind of person I wanted to see leading this country. Reagan in '80 & '88 was the last time I voted for someone I was enthusiastic about. After the 80’s I always was so disappointed by the Republican candidates, and especially in the last two elections.

Not this time.

Trump 2016! He’s gonna kick ass, take names, and we’ll be so entertained while moving in a more prosperous direction, it’ll be a fun ride to Happyland. And we’ll be fucking jihadis up worldwide.

Who else would you vote for?

Fuck you, Sanders, you fucking lazy ass socialist fuck.

Fuck you, Hillary, you fucking lying criminal.

Rubio? Couldn’t handle the job.

Cruz? Creepy. Unelectable.

Did you see the landslide in Nevada? Fuggedaboudit already. The left wing and mainstream media pundits and loud mouthed left wing progressive liberal idiots of America are finally going to be smacked the fuck back down and told to sit in the corner and stfu because the Silent Majority is sick and tired of all the PC, Liberal, backwards ass fucking BULLSHIT that has gone on for too long now. People are pissed off and they are going to vote for Trump, even if they won’t admit it publicly. How else do you explain Trump outperforming the polls? Tonight, in Nevada, Trump outperformed the polling by 15%.

15%!! Do you have any idea what that says? It says “I won’t tell you I’m voting for Trump…but I’m voting for Trump.”

Go Trump. Kick ass. Make America Great Again. You don’t like me because I am voting for Trump? I got two words for you and they aren’t Merry Fukn Christmas.

Best OP ever?

I can’t tell if this is serious.


Is this a joke?

I was hoping for something about butts.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It is. I am.

Nope. No joke.

Well, then I can’t take your ideas seriously.

No, it will not be a good idea to let this guy have control of the Centers of Disease Control with orders and a bully pulpit.

And that is just one example of the many reasons why it will be a bad idea to support that ignorant.

Yeah. And Sanders, Clinton, Rubio or Cruz really could handle things a whole lot better?

Yeah, right. Fuck that.

Trump. Not only does everyone else suck, but they suck hard.

Avoidance of dealing with a clear dumb idea of Trump noted.

Again, we can’t take your ideas seriously because you are supporting an ignoramus.

As The Bad Astronomer puts it:

Ridicule and name calling.


Let me ask you…whom do you support for President? and Why?

Seriously, because those ideas **do not deserve any respect. **

Lets clarify something, I’m concentrating on your ideas, you are only being misguided by an incompetent that right now does not know who is going to bed with in his way to a possible presidency.

Any Democratic candidate, because in all the cases mentioned so far they do handle the anti vaccine people, the climate change deniers and the racists better by not supporting them or giving them a voice. Or even better, the democrats will not be giving those ignorants any positions of power in a future cabinet.

I see, you are anti First Amendment. If someone disagrees with you politically, your answer is to ridicule and name call and silence those you ridicule and call names?


You would support “any Democratic Candidate”…???

I have one word for you: “baaaah”

LOL, goodnight.

Typical straw man, nowhere did I say that he has no right to say those things, what happens is that many other people, many of them with more knowledge that I have, have also the right to tell us that Trump is an ignorant that should not become president, he should not be supported because of that ignorance and for many other examples not mentioned yet.

Avoidance of dealing with the reprehensible things Trump said duly noted. If following a more reasonable candidate means that one is a sheep I think that is preferable than following a certified fool like Trump.

LOL, wallow in your fits of frustration and anger!

Shake your fist at the sky!

Those blasted fools who support…Donald…Fucking…Trump!

Oh, the humanity!

How could they vote for Trump? They must be insane! They must be idiots!

The issues are irrelevant at this point. There is no way I would vote for any of the other candidates. Reread my op, it answers all of your fearful and defeated concerns.

Wow, even on that one you are wrong, I’m really laughing about your already demonstrated lack of a capacity on dealing with the examples of reprehensible beliefs and acts of Trump.

So the points do indeed stand, and your OP is just one opinion that does not deserve to be taken into account. (Still in the dock: How you are even wrong about the media, in reality they helped create Trump. And Nevada was a Caucus, it is common for pollsters to get numbers wrong in those cases.)

You don’t get it, do you? You want to debate issues. You want to tell me why this and why that. You wish to engage in your mental masturbation and throw out your debate terms like Strawman etc etc.

You post links to other people’s words instead of using your own.

You keep talking about addressing my “ideas”…what the fuck are you talking about my “ideas”??? What ideas? What fucking ideas are you talking about? LOL

You are the establishment. You want to debate, and discuss issues. Fuck that. I’m done debating the issues. I DON’T CARE where Trump stands on vaccines. I don’t care where he stands on illegal immigration, I don’t care where he stands on any issue other than these two:

  1. Enticing American companies with headquarters and factories overseas to move back home, whether it be by retstructuring corporate tax laws, and

  2. Taking a more aggressive stance on radical Islam.

All other issues mean nothing to me. in the end they really mean nothing anyway and the reason is in my OP:

You still haven’t given me a name of a candidate you would vote for.

LOL, my opinion is one vote. Last time I checked, you only have one vote also. You have two votes up your sleeve there somewhere, slick?

Didn’t think so.

My opinion is just as valid as yours, or anyone else’s.

Man, I never thought I’d miss the Ron Paul supporters. But here we are.

LOL, Trump managed to trick another low information voter to support him. I wonder how the OP will feel when his life gets worse in every imaginable way if Trump is president?

My Hispanic family, so yeah, more than 2. So, wrong again, just as you were wrong about me being angry and wrong about the democratic candidates not showing that they are better at handling the examples I mentioned.

Indeed, but you do not have the facts, Trump already has shown that he is not learning about very important issues that will affect thousands if not millions of Americans and people around the world.

Careful, your “Useful Idiot” and “Sheep” cards are showing. You are simply regurgitating left wing nut phraseology with this “low info voter” mantra.

All other candidates have been addressed in my OP.

Your Hispanic family more than two??? What the fuck does that even mean?