Finally, StrTrkr figures out how to create a web page

Yes, I have been programming computers since I was 12 (that’s 18 years for those who are counting) and doing it professionally for 11 years. I can build one from parts and can program in VB, Access Basic, C, and a host of outdated languages. But I have never learned how to build a web site. (For one I am asthetically challenged.) But finally, I have figured out enough of the software provided on GeoCities to post a few pictures of my daughters.

For those who remember my daughter Kimberly and the “fun” we have had over the last 5 months, you can now see what this miracle of God looks like (the pictures without the oxygen tubes were taken a couple of weeks ago.)

Quick update, Kimberly is 5 months old as of Saturday 8/26/00. As of Tuesday she weighs 7lbs 2 oz and is 19 inches long. She has been off oxygen for about 2 weeks.

She is doing great. Thanks for all the prayers and kind words.

Now, for the pictures I have been meaning to get posted for the last 5 months.

Great! Just as I knew they’d be. Thank you so much for giving us an update too. I’ve been wondering how Kimmy’s doing. Glad to hear they’re all doing so well, dear.
<btw, thanks! :wink: You’re edging out the competition>
And, just for the li’l ones: