Now THIS is a busy website!

This is freakin’ insane.
You could spend all day playing with this.

BTW, be sure to press the big red “push now!” button.


:: must take extra Ritalin ::

I never even got to the point where the red button appeared.

You are only seeing part of the page-move your cursor all the way to the right to see more, or all the way to the bottom.

I was the 65,045th person to push it. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a weird site.

I think the problem was that the website designers forgot rule #1: don’t make a webpage that will crash people’s browsers.

Try another browser?

Works just fine on Chrome, BTW.

Habitable Planets: 1


Cool… <twitch>


Good website!!!

Desperate times requires desperate measures …

Sprint continues to shed customers at an alarming rate.

I like the cuckoo bird.
Still not going back to Sprint.

<climbs back onto chair after recovering from seizure>

I’m still a bit nauseous.

Holy crap only 256 shopping days until christmas! I need to start shopping.

“Your body just made 50 million new cells.”

Wow, I didn’t know I was such a busy body.

we have a winner!..Will somebody please notify ?

(yes, the link is legit…it’s a good, educational site that explains how to design a website without making all the mistakes like the OP’s link )

They already have it, link 5 on the navigation page:

You can see it all at once at 1600x1024, still gives you a headache though.