So I had a boatload of work to do today...

…and I blew it all off to tinker around with my homepage. Haven’t touched it since just after I got married, and now that I’ve learned how to play around with Illustrator and I have my VERY OWN SCANNER at work, I figured I’d put up a couple of samples of work.

Then I saw how disorganized the rest of it was so I did a pretty serious overhaul. Most of the content’s the same but it’s been re-arranged and the link badges have been spruced up.

So have at it - the link’s below. If you’re gonna comment on anything, let it be the art I’ve actually done instead of how amateurish the web page is. (Well, I am kinda proud of the mouse-over badge.)

It looks great, Olent!

This is, of course, assuming that your homepage is this thread. Because (duh) there ain’t no link.

<<<psst,* iampunha**, click on the little house thingy that says WWW>>>>*
Great job Olentzero!

I love the little man who looks sad and unfulfilled. Then when you point at him with the mouse he is happy and colored in.


Great job! I know how it is with webpages. My website is just being put up. It isn’t complete yet, but is viewable. I don’t have a scanner(be very happy). I do have a digital camera though. None of the pics are suitable. Just too scary.

I’m stupid. And tired, and hungry, and a buncha other stuff.

The green font on Izzy’s page annoyed my eyes . . . but they’re sensitive anyway, so maybe that’s just me.

And knowing who Pluggy is (I’m guessing a pet) might help that page.

In general, try to make your fonts contrast with the page background color as much as possible.

And disregard half of what I’m saying, I’m so tired. Sigh.

[sub]Three more hours, then I get to go home.[/sub]

punha - yeah, I meant to change the color of that font and forgot about it. Will try something a little less conflicting.

The Pluggy page is the one that was least touched this time around; I gotta get some pix scanned and then I can improve on that one.

Thanks Lyllyan and dlgirl - I admit I cheated and used GeoCities PageBuilder but damned if I’m going to crack my skull open on HTML just yet. Window-driven drag-and-click goodness. Mmmmmmm :slight_smile:

pricciar the little man was a brief flash of inspiration - I wanted something flashy as a link for my art page. When I found out how easy it was to do “mouse-over” pictures with the program I was using… Happy Color Fun Time! :smiley:

Thank you one and all for the input. It’s nice to know I didn’t end up with a Homer Simpson-type homepage. (“Look! It’s Dancing Jesus! Dee dee dee dee…”)