Financial Slavery?

Okay, I thought I knew about most kinks and fetishes, but this is a new one to me.

This woman calls herself a “money domme,” and her goal seems to be to get “slaves” to send her money. She currently has an opening for two “cigarette slaves” to make sure she has a pack of Marlboro Lights in her mailbox a week. You can even “adopt her bills.”

The more I think about it, the more I think this HAS to be a joke. She’s just asking people to send her money. I just don’t see anyone who would reach some sort of sexual fulfillment by sending this woman money. Perhaps she’s the SaveKaryn for the BSDM set?

Does anyone else think this is incredibly strange?

(There’s really nothing even vaguely sexual about it,which is why I thought it was okay to post it–if I’m wrong, feel free to lock this, Mods–I just thought it was weird as heck.)