Find this thread please (Identify location in photo)

I’m looking for an old thread. I think it was about a year old, or so.

Somebody posted an aerial photo of a coastal town, somewhere in the world, and asked Dopers to identify the location. The Dopers did an amazing job, by spotting clues such as:

  • road markings written in English
  • a police car with markings in a foreign language
  • traffic driving on the left
  • bunting in specific (national?) colours

and thus narrowed down the possible locations, until one specific place was identified.

Can anyone identify this thread?

Do you know what forum the thread was in?

Is it this thread?

That’s the one I was going to offer, but he said it was a year or so ago.

That’s the one I thought of, too.

Yeah, it’s only been four months, but on a relatively fast moving message board, where we cover a lot of ground, it could have seemed like a year. Besides Peter Morris did participate in that thread, so it seemed like a good bet.

You probably did the same thing I did-searched for all threads with the word “photo” in the title that he posted in.

That’s the thread. Thanks all.

That recent? I thought it was older.

Nope. I searched for “Malta.” I remembered the thread, and its resolution, and I figured that Malta was not such a common word that it would return an unmanageable number of results. When I reread it and discovered that PM had posted in it, I figured that was a bonus.