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I went looking for a thread of mine by using the “find all threads” search under my profile page. I got a list of the most recent 500. I take it that’s the upper limit for his function? Can it be expanded so that it truly shows all threads? I’m also kind of doubtful that these are actually the most recent 500 threads. The one I was looking for is newer IIRC than some that did show up.

I tried to find the same thread with the regular search and it came up empty, but that’s a known problem, yes?

I’m also curious about this. I’m trying to find a post from several months ago by a rather prolific poster. I skimmed through the 500 that came up, but apparently this post is too far down the list. Is there any way to search for older posts?

Alternatively, does anyone remember the word that Qadgop the Mercotan once used in reference to college fraternity houses? He (I’m almost certain it was him; my apologies if I’m wrong) used the expression “hotbeds of _____ homoeroticism,” if my memory serves. The blank was a word meaning inconsistent with one’s self image, or something like that. Not “latent”; it was a much cooler word that I had never encountered before, and can’t remember now.


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If you go to the Advanced Search page, you can select “Find Posts Started by User” from the dropdown list under “Search by User Name”. You can then define the time period in which which to search for posts, and narrow down the search further with keywords, forums to search in, etc. You’ll still be limited to 500 threads, but you can control, to some degree, which 500 threads the Search will find.

Squink, my hat is off to you. And to Qadgop for using the word in the first place, and to Q.E.D for the advice. I’ll search harder in the future.

Thanks very much!

Let me also note that the search function is the most server-intensive thing you can do on this board . . . and big monster searches (where you want, say, over 500 hits) are quite capable of stopping the board in its tracks.

We appreciation your consideration.

your humble TubaDiva

I think that the threads are in order of last post date, not in order that they were started. This means that a thread you started five years ago would still show up in the search, if it got a reply yesterday, but a thread from six months ago which recieved no replies might not.