Finding radio stations for NFL playoffs

I live in LA and am trying to figure out which local radio station(s) will have the playoffs on. Maybe my Google-fu is bad, but I haven’t been able to find anything. Can anyone help?

usually the team websites have a list of the stations that cover their games and I think espn radio cover the games via their website. If not then maybe westwood one has them

The team websites don’t say, or I couldn’t find it. ESPN doesn’t say and the next daily schedule they offer is for Monday. Westwood One’s site seems to indicate that they will have the games, but the station finder link seems to be broken.

Honestly, you would think it would be easier than this…

Thanks Lamar. Don’t know why I couldn’t find that when looking through the Westwood One site.

radio gets very little pub these days since every game is on TV. Some team wanted to quit radio broadcasts but they were overruled. Think it was a NBA team. Maybe New Orleans?