Finding the names of members by using the "to" field when creating a new PM.

You know, if you have PMs enabled, you can click on your inbox and, on the left, click “Send new message”. This will bring up a new box and in the “Recipient Username(s)” box, all you have to do is type three (or more) letters and it will automatically suggest people with those letters (fifteen is the limit). The more letters you add to the name, the more it narrows it down.

I found a member with the name idlecuriousity…*

(Yes, complete with ellipses)
Any other interesting finds?

ETA: I just tried the first three letters C-A-N. There’s a person with the name Can I change my answer? and one with Can I get a name?

This is fun for the easily amused.

There’s a member called The SDMB Serial Killer. :eek:

Also, best one I’ve come across so far: What Do You Think, Gorilla?

Thanks for showing us this - it’s fun. Given that it’s fun, it will probably be a short-lived feature.

I already knew of the username, but it was nice to be able to type h-o-l-y and see Hoy Shit I Like Pie again

Yeah, I did the same with the “Cooler of death” name (a name that was made based on someone making a topic one day about not wanting to open a cooler that had food rotting in it for a few months).

Some names I’m finding are really good/cool. There’s a member called One Day Fish Sale.

Hey, maybe this thread will get some of those shyer lurkers out if they happen to be mentioned in here. I, for one, would love to get to know King of Anal Warts.

Oh, hey… a letter and then a space and then another letter works too.

Lots of names that are “I am” something and “A” something.

I am Spartacus.

Should have known that name would be registered.

Typing the first few letters of my name brought up a user called subjective enema.

Well, I have to pull myself away from this feature to finally go to bed…but I found a new favorite that tops What Do You Think, Gorilla?

I like my combover, thank you

Also, there’s apparently a member here named I like to chew it chew it. :dubious: