Fingolfin's Pointless Office Rant

  1. If you take the last bit of coffee, make some more! Don’t fucking walk away!! Also, if you notice the coffee pot is empty, don’t go to another coffee station! Make another pot! Clean up your mess at the coffee station! Coffee grinds, coffee stains, sugar, pieces of paper, it’s all over the god damn place! All the fucking time!

  2. Please, for the love of God, clean up after yourself in the bathroom! Flush the god damn toilet! Pick your soiled toilet paper from the floor! Wipe up that fucking flood you left on the rim of the sink!

  3. People exiting elevators have the right of way! Don’t hover around the elevator doors and barge in as soon as the doors open!

  4. Don’t turn your speaking phone volume up to 10!

  5. Stop blasting farts that sound like a volcano! Go to the bathroom to pass gas!

  6. Why must the Cleaning Crew arrive at 5:30PM every damn day? I’m still working!

  7. Stop Bcc’ing people in your e-mails! I know who you are!

  8. QA Testers, don’t wait until two days before deployment to notify me of a problem! You’ve had 4 weeks to test the application and you just now realize that you need a role added to your account!! God Da…

Ok, I am rambling now. I feel better. Thanks for listening. :wink:

Yep. I agree. But I’m wondering how long this is until it gets hauled off into the Nether Regions of the board…

(And to add to your bathroom bit, please don’t wash your smelly feet in the sink. It makes a funny story to tell, since nobody believes it, but still, that’s icky. Really icky.)