Finish the joke I dreamt

I was dreaming last night that somebody was telling me a joke. The setup line was “What would you have if three were the real root of Kentucky Fried Chicken?” I said “I don’t know.”

At that exact moment my alarm clock went off! :smack:

Now I’ll never know the punchline, unless a bunch of ignorance-fighting people I know on the internet can help out. C’mon, there’s a geeky joke there someplace. It doesn’t get any more mundane or pointless than this! :wink:

One of its legs are both the same?

…I got nuthin’. :o

3.6666 secret herbs and spices.

No solution to your problem but the other day I dreamt about the Squeeze song, Cool for Cats. There are four verses and they use the title phrase in at least three subtly different ways. I dreamt I discovered the fourth way. (I might start a thread in CS some day about it since it seems that they should put a twist on it in all verses if they did it in two of them.)

I believe the answer you are looking for is K=Fc[sup]2[/sup].


**evlkitty **wins!

Yep! evilkitty wins! :smiley:

“To get to the other fried.”

“That’s what she said!”

“The Colonel said he’d ritualistically torture and kill me if I told you.”

Two wings and a cock.

One cock, one chicken, and one colonel.

Two legs and a cock.

Two breasts and a cock.

Two thighs and cock.

I’m not certain of the answer, but my gut tells me cock is in there somewhere.

That’s something to crow about.

Good stuff, everyone. Thanks!

I sent the same question to some friends, and I got the following:

“If 3 is the square root of KFC, KFC = Nein! It is greasy and not good for you, so just say Nein!”

“9i seems a more precise answer. After all, since you were dreaming, an imaginary number seems more appropriate.”

"Well, if 3 is the only real root of KFC, then KFC is the function (x-3)^n. "

Maybe k=(f-3)^c ??

The best I came up with is “I don’t know, but the complex roots are conjugate! <rimshot>”


Oh, that’s da bomb! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to report that this thread was referenced in [thread=514563]another thread[/thread] by rjk, which I’m cross-referencing for fully-connected self-referential Mobius strip goodness.

Hell yeah, nice one evlkitty!