Finish This Sentence: I'm so nerdy that . . .

It’s a fight to the finish! Prove you are the nerdiest among us by the completing of this simple phrase:

I’m so nerdy that. . .
(Match Game peanut gallery chorus: how nerdy are you?)


  1. It must be a true statement.
  2. It must be in the spirit of the thing, and not a sarcastic attempt to prove you ARE NOT nerdy.
  3. If such sarcastic attempts are made, you will immediately have Ted McGinley added to the cast of your life, assuring that you will be cancelled by the network.

Let the games begin!

I know what D20 is AND I want a set of fuzzy ones to hang on my rear view mirror.

I play D&D, StarWars, Gurps, Munchkin, and a few other pen&paper… as well as a few online games.

Schrödinger’s Cat is Dead. No, wait. Schrödinger’s Cat is Not Dead. No, wait…
And know what it means.

I have a couple of StarWars dolls and a set of LOTR miniatures, unopened. Does that count?

I’m so nerdy, I’ve been kicked out of a bar…

…for playing Scrabble!

…clothing spontaneously wrinkles, bunches, stains, and threatens to crawl off my body the moment it comes in contact with me.

…if I am given three small objects and a bag to put them in, within 15 seconds one or more of the objects will be dropped and none will be in the bag.

…come this November, I will not have been on a date in ten years.

…I live in my parents’ entire house.

I write computer programs for fun

… I dream about having a custom casemod in the shape of the Cats’ Lair. In scale with the minifigs.

Cartoon porn excites me.

I’m so nerdy…
… my husband and I have come close to a real fight is over who is the better captain, Kirk or Picard. (Picard, obviously.)

… I’m posting about it on a message board.

… and I have no shame at all about it. :smiley:

I’m so nerdy that…

… I’m posting in this thread.

… I’ve been published in both Nuts & Volts and Blacklisted! 411 magazine.

… I wrote an operating system for a minicomputer in the late 1970s.

… I once rolled over the score and crashed Galaga.

… I played (and finished) Colossal Cave Adventure on a DECsystem 20.

… I programmed device drivers for an S-100 buss computer (the first “kit” home microcomputer and one of the smallest computers of its era) and ran logic simulators on a Cray 1 (the largest/fastest computer of its era)–in the same month!

… I play World of Warcraft and used to DM Dungeons & Dragons

… and I own a store that sells fuzzy D20s to hang from rearview mirrors! (I win)

Let’s see. I’m so nerdy…

…my first born daughter will be named after a character in literature (it helps that the name(s) run in my family as well)

…I’m known in the office as “the girl with the comic-book posters and video game figures on her desk”

…my bachelor’s thesis was a defense of fantasy literature by analyzing it through the history of literary criticism

…my cats are all named after literary characters/figures (Moriarty, Eliot, and Mina)

…every Halloween since I was 13 I have made some kind of SF/F or Anime costume

…I regularly attend comic conventions/anime/videogame conventions

…my dream is to own a signed copy of Ende’s original print of The Neverending Story

you are now my god (Projammer’s my Demon)
I’d kneel before you but SO might get the wrong impression :wink:
where shall i send the check?

Joss Whedon is my master now.

My wife and I had a fight over how to calculate the pH change from dumping 20,000 lbs of sodium in a lake.

Here is a link to the video. It was in answering a question here on the Dope so there is also a thread if you can find it. No my wife does not post here though occasionally she lurks.

So, i take it you only “Kneel before SO”?

I use email to communicate with the guy sitting next to me.

. . . I turned down an offer to contribute to *Mental Floss *magazine.

I’m so nerdy that …

I want to win this thread by posting the best answer so that men will talk to me and women will glance in my direction. :eek:

P.S. I teach chess, roleplaying and computer games. :slight_smile:

I’m so nerdy that every time I have started a thread about “my day at work” or “what I accomplished, hooray success story” or anything of that ilk, the thread sinks to the bottom of the pool w/o replies.
dang post button! Didn’t mean to post that yet!

Once I was hanging out with some girly friends, helping them hook a new TV up to cable. They realized that they needed an antenna to coax adapator…or, I should say THEY realized they needed something that would allow the round cable with the thingie in the middle to connect to the 2 screws on the TV

I said " Let me check my purse" They all seemed to think this was a fine little joke and laughed, until I dug around in my purse and pulled out the exact part they needed. I did not remember how or why the part was in my purse in the first place.

Let me guess, the bag has a small label that reads “Made in Izbia” seems to have an infinite capacity for storing items, and you have no way of getting rid of it, it always comes back to you, it was a gift from your Aunt…