Firaxis is resurrecting XCOM, and there was much rejoycing

Not really sure about the base management… but I’m willing to give it a try. Other than that, Firaxis has never disappointed me yet (knock on wood) but this looks like an awesome fucking update to one of the best tactical combat games ever made.

le drool

I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but so far every attempt the catch the lightning in a bottle again has failed.

There is no way they won’t botch it just like the dozen other XCOM revival projects. The battlescape screenshots look brutal. It’s like a 2005 game.

Eh… I don’t mind the graphics at all and as long as the gameplay is solid and the balance is good for the metagame, I won’t have any problems. If anybody can do it, 2K/Firaxis will bring XCOM back to life.

Firaxis disappointed me with the release of Civ V. Anyway, I’m not really all that excited. I never could get into XCOM.

I’m guessing you never played Railroads!

Rejoycing here!

I found XCOM: UFO defence last year. Its mixture of base building, upgrades and tactical combat completely destroyed one week of my life. I went looking after that and have seen a video preview of this latest remake. Didn’t excite me in the least.

Sweet! Jagged Alliance 2 is just not the same.

Biggest ripoff ever…I want my $5 back from steam…

Never heard of it, to be honest.

FTR, I have X-Com on Steam and just downloaded it. It took about 3 seconds.

This is not the same as the FPS remake of XCOM coming out this year.

Ah ok, thanks. It looked very similar at a cursory glance. Here’s hoping it is anywhere close to as good as the original.

I haven’t played the Xcom games but I may look into this if it gets good reviews. I hope it’s a success and prompts Firaxis to look at other space-related properties they own. A new game set in a nearby star-system perhaps…

Which should have been done as an add on for Civ 4, the way that Colonization was. Still hope for something to come for Civ 5.

Yeah, I saw a brief article on Gamespy on this a few weeks ago and my head nearly exploded. I’ve been wanting someone to do a modern remake of games like this for a while, and looks like I might get my wish. Can’t wait until it comes out (hope it’s going to be on Steam).


I am becoming more optimistic and less cautious…

It’s been on my Amazon Wishlist for months.

<annoying voice from the backseat>Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet?</avftb>