So anyone excited? [About X-Com, Mod Ed.]

And to me it’s a close competition if the original Xcom (well my version was called UFO, but Xcom in the US) or SWOTL is the greatest game of all time.


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It looks good imho, might even make me pick up gaming again as I loved the original UFO (as I also knew it) game.

Was there even any actual gameplay footage in that trailer?

I would love to see an X-Com remake that’s faithful to the original (and this one sounds a lot more faithful than the FPS remake that’s gotten stuck in development hell), but this trailer doesn’t exactly fill me with optimism. I’m not even sure the VO artists saw the visuals - the reporter says the troops “bear the markings of no country” shortly after we see a squad who all have flags on their backs.

For what, the non-descriptive thread title?

What, something like Xenonauts maybe? It’s already funded but will obviously take some time to finish.

Super exited! There ARE some gameplay videos, BTW, from E3.

It was one of the most talked about games at E3, everyone seemed to praise it.

The original X-Com is one of the best games ever. Every attempt to recreate its magic has failed in a big way. This is the first game that seems to take the original to heart while updating it.

Hell yeah, I am excited.

I’m not very excited. I thought the original X-Com was modestly entertaining, but I generally found the end game to be a bit dull. Maybe it was just my play style, though (my strategy was always to build a bunch of those guided bomb launchers and just spam away).

Arent you proud of yourself?

Wikipedia says;

Well, that was a good chance we had at an actual X-Com remake for awhile there.

I know he recorded this about the other X-Com remake, buti’m with Spoony on this one.

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loved UFO and TFTD - still play them on occasion - never really liked the one after that