Firaxis is resurrecting XCOM, and there was much rejoycing

Should be right around the corner, if they are still on track from that Gamespy article I read before. I think they had a mid-October release date. I watched a few videos on the game, and the base building looks pretty cool. At least from those videos it LOOKS like it will be a fun game that really captures the spirit of the original game.

I haven’t been this OPTIMISTIC about a game in a long time. It looks like it’s going to do an excellent job capturing the feel of the original.

I liked Railroads. :frowning:

I’ve somehow managed to never play an XCom game, though I have a lot of friends who loved them. If the new one gets decent reviews I’ll make sure to catch it this time around.

I downloaded the whole serie :slight_smile:

That’s in my “best games” list, even though I never finished a game.

Now, if only they could resurrect Master of Magic :frowning:

Like, for instance, the nearest star from Earth? A game about colonizing it, maybe?
That would be an interesting concept.

Honestly, the new version of Elemental (Fallen Enchantress) is looking to be a passable updated version of MoM. Closest thing I’ve found, anyway.

I think I am a member of the 1% of the population (or possibly a much larger silent majority, since they never made a sequel) who though Alpha Centauri was bland. I only played through one game, as the Coporate Faction, and I got really tired of stuff like you “You researched polysteel! Now you can build polysteel tanks! And polysteel infantry!” it’s like playing a game of civ where instead of getting Legions when you researched Iron, you got “Iron Infantry” (Bear with me here, my Civ tech tree knowledge is REAAAAAALLLY rusty.). It felt really sterile, and the weird/interesting (or so people would claim, since the ‘interesting’ part never happened for me) with the worms and nonsense never really seemed relevant, just annoying.

I’m so fucking jaded about X-com remakes, I’ll remain carefully pessimistic about this one until even after I’ve played it.

Well, they are - they’re making Master of Magic for Civ V. Of course, Civ V isn’t without its problems, so… yeah.
Might want to check out Dominions 3 though - the singleplayer is shit, the graphics are slightly worse than the wall drawings of cavemen, the interface is more obtuse and clunky than a steampunk robot made of antimatter and nobody (including the programmers) is quite sure how some of the game’s mechanics work… but damn, is it ever fun to play in MP. Or even justread about.

Hey, what do you know, it’s actually out, too (the civ V MoM remake, I mean) :