Fire john mozeliak!!! Now!!!

If you’re going to fire Mike Matheny, then do us a favor and be done with that arrogant, pencil-neck, bow-tie wearing arrogant schmuck who caused half the problems that Matheny was blamed for.

Dexter Fowler not getting along with Matheny? Okay, but who then shits his pants to the media and suggests that Fowler - a world champion starter with the Cubs, by the way - doesn’t work as hard as he should?

Moz has been getting away with bad deals and bad hires for a long fucking time. Tony LaRussa, Walt Jocketty, and Jeff Luhnow built the championship teams and the most recent golden age, not arrogant prick Moz.

Time to retire and invest in real estate, you arrogant prick.

ETA: Mods, sorry if the language is too course for a normal game thread - feel free to move it to the pit. I’m just pissed off that we keep wasting talent. FUCK!

And the Chicago Cubs can eat a bag of d----, er, cheetohs. I’m so goddamned tired of hearing about how these bastards who’ve been losers for a century are suddenly so smug as to believe they’re in the same league. They’re not. You North Siders who take Friday afternoons off feel entitled. Go jump in polluted Lake Michigan!!!

How does it feel, North Siders, to know that the South Siders won a WS title before you did? Even after the 8-men out scandal, they still managed to end their drought before yours. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

South siders: How does it feel to play in a stadium that’s more boring than a bank building?

Oh, and what’s the stadium this year??