Firefly -- sign of summer

Just saw the first firefly of the summer.

Oddly enough, it was in my living room.

Got screens? :cool:

yes, but how did the gorram thing fit inside the house, “Fireflies” are pretty frellin’ big…

…oh, that kind of firefly then…

<Emily Littella>

This is the only Firefly we have around here.

She’d walk right in and hang with us in the living room, too, given the chance.

I am jealous! I have oft heard of such magical creatures, but on the west coast of Canada, we have no such beings.

I can vouch for mosquitoes, however. It has been the perfect summer day here–even the bit of sunburn on my arms just feels ‘right’, but as I was sitting outside, reading a novel and enjoying a vodka-cranberry juice concoction, slapping at mosquitoes, yet revelling in the bliss of summer twilight…

Well, darn it. Fireflies would have been a lovely touch.

Hey, tell that qīngwā cào de liúmáng Mal Reynolds he owes me fifty credits, okay?

We’ve had fireflies over here for a few weeks now. They’re so beautiful-- but it kind of grosses me out to think that it’s all just a mating ritual. =P

The ones that glow more green instead of yellow are purrdy. I wonder what causes that. :confused:

Excuse me? What’s gross about that? :confused: That’s the cool part, man…

Oooh, I have never seen them, you lucky dog you!

What’s so gross about that? Almost everything pretty in nature is for sex. The pretty colors on birds, butterflies, flowers, etc, and the singing of birds, insects…

We’ve been seeing them (fireflies, not just any mating rituals) for a few weeks around here. They’re especially pretty when I’m riding my bike back from work late in the evening. I never notice them when driving though.

Several years ago, we had a house in the suburbs of Chicago. The yard a big and overgrown. I’ve never seen so many fireflys. There might be 40 or more fireflys in the yard, on a good night… On one side was a 30ft tall mulberry tree. The fireflys would gather around and up the tree. So you would have this scattering of lights all over the yard, at about knee level, and then this fountain of them up the tree. And they came in 2 colors. A blueish, and a more yellowish.

I saw a ton of them off the side of I-80 driving back to my hometown a week ago Friday and it was the first time I’d seen them in a long, long time (possibly two years or so? I don’t remember). It was really cool to see them again.

The last time I saw fireflies was in Sopchoppy City Park, Fla. I was camping there, and was amazed and delighted to see them. Here in California, we have the what are called “railroad worms” that glow in the dark, but they’re just not the same.

I never saw them until we moved to Wisconsin 10 years ago. Our back yard is usually full of them; it’s my favorite part of summer evenings.

Hell, I had at least a hundred of 'em splattered on my windshield during my drive home from Chicago Sunday evening. What a godawful mess. I needed the ice scraper to remove their sticky little carcasses.