Firefox 26.0, NoSquint 2.1.9 and

I’ve acquired some incompatibility between Firefox 26.0, NoSquint 2.1.9 and
Slate gives me a mostly blank page unless I disable NoSquint the Slate is there. I’ve been using these for months then something got flipped and the combo no longer works.

Removing and reinstalling NoSquint don’t fix it.

Everything else to my knowledge works fine.

It’s like something got flipped somewhere and the removal option of NoSquint doesn’t fix it.

Sort of trivial but an annoying little thing. Suggestions.

I’m running the same versions of Firefox and No Squint. No problems so far.

I’'ll try Slate and see how it goes.

Slate seems ok for me. I surfed around a few pages. Used NoSquint’s - and + to change page size.

Have you tried clearing your cache history? under options, privacy . clear Everything

You can restat FireFox with add ons disabled. It’s an option under Help. That can help determine if they are causing the problem.

Firefox 25 has the same problem with Slate, as if all the CSS is stripped out. NoSquint is not the cause.
Fortunately I don’t look at Slate very much.