Firefox: how to block in-page toolbars?

I despise those little toolbars that pop up at the bottom of some web pages, exhorting me to share the content on this or that social network, or whatever. I understand why the webmasters want them there, but I have no use for them, and on my little netbook screen, they take up valuable screen space that I can’t spare.

Is there a way to block them, without interfering with anything else on the page?

(random example of a page with one of the toolbars here: )

Using adblock plus to filter will get you sorted.

Thanks - I suspect that’s just one of many though - do you know if there’s a list I can subscribe to (in Adblock), so I don’t have to add them all manually?

Thanks for asking this, Mangetout.

Larry, that didn’t work for me. Any idea why?

Whilst not specifically targeting the toolbars. Facebook Blocker can gain you some screen real-estate.

It gets rid of all those ‘like’ buttons from websites other than facebook and yet leaves facebook itself untouched.

I don’t mind the buttons - in fact, I find them convenient, as I do sometimes want to share stuff I stumble on, but can’t afford the vertical screen space for either an installed or in-page toolbar.

It seems you may have to block the entire domain to be sure. (Usually, * This is because the page may be dynamically served up depending on your location.

I don’t use Firefox or(naturally) Adblock Plus, but found the reference for the toolbar loader in the linked page source:

In Canada, it may also appear as:

…This may vary by location.

I added a loopback DNS reference for * to my hosts file and this prevents the toolbar from loading… blocking the domain with an ad blocker should work the same way.

Thanks, Larry, that worked.

note: cdn. usually indicates a “content distribution network”, not Canada, in this context.

That makes sense, fubbleskag. Me and my provincial assumptions. :slight_smile:

Sorry, no idea - but probably there aren’t that many to add. If you have Chrome installed you can right-click the toolbar and choose “inspect element” to see a bit about where it’s coming from. I think that there are probably just a few actual sources, and with many or customizable toolbar options.

I’d also download “element hiding helper.” It’s an extension to Adblock plus that will let you hide crap without blocking the domain.