Malwarebytes and Firefox bookmarks toolbar - wanna earn a nickel?

I will give a shiny nickel to anyone who can solve this for me.

I have the deluxe Malwarebytes software installed, by which I can enable real time protection.

The problem is, it removes all the pretty little icons from my Firefox bookmarks toolbar (the horizontal strip that runs along the top of the screen).

Within the Malwarebytes options, all I see are settings to ignore specific websites; I cannot find out how to make it leave Firefox alone.

Remember, there’s a nickel in it for you if you can help.


I don’t have an answer to your question, but the title sure got my attention! Are you in advertising?

Are you saying it removes the favicons?

Who wouldn’t want to investigate an offer for a free nickel?

It removes these pretty little icons and replaces them with a generic, grey, lifeless rectangle.

link not working for me

Krap, what happened?

Try this





Look for the little Google, Wiki, CNN, etc. icons running horizontally near the top of the browser.

There is a FireFox add-on called CheckPlacesthat should fix this for you, and perhaps provide some additional utility if you’re a prolific user of Bookmarks.

P.S. Where’s my nickle?

That’s a “yes”. Did you add these icons yourself using something like Favicon Picker?

If he added them himself, he’d probably know how to put them back without asking us.

It looks to me like he’s using the Samfind Bookmarks Bar add-on for Firefox, not the standard FF bookmark toolbar.

I’m pretty sure he should be all set with that CheckPlaces add-on I linked above. (BTW, here are the instructions. You’ll just need to check the “Load Favicons” option, and once it’s done you might need to restart FF for the changes to kick-in on that toolbar.)

Thanks, Voltaire. If your advice proves to be the solution (no time to try right now), I will Fed-Ex you a nickel as soon as I can save one up.

The bookmark toolbar is, I thought, a commonly used feature. You just drag the icon from within the address bar down to the toolbar. Thereafter, you have all your commonly used bookmarks lined up, ready for clickin’. It is not an add-on; it came with my Firefox.

Here is a link describing it (scroll down to number 2): link

About 10% of them, though, never give an icon but merely a generic grey rectangle.

Since I upgraded my Malwarebytes, though, they have all become lame rectangles. Sure, I can re-drag them, but I don’t want to do this every time I close and re-open my browser.

When I disable Malwarebytes (the real-time protection part, that is), the colorful little guys stick around.

Oh. The bookmark toolbar in the three pictures you posted only had the favicons with no text, which is a feature of that “samfind” bookmarks toolbar add-on, which is also explicitly indicated in two of the three pictures.

Hmmm, when you put it like that, I begin to doubt my above solution will be permanent as long as that real-time protection is on. If I were you, I’d post your issue over on the Malwarebytes forum.

Thanks again, I’ll do that.

To clarify: Mine have no text either, just icons. To do this, though, I right-click the icon, click Properties, then delete the text label. This leaves me with just the icon.