Firefox keyboard shortcut extensions?

I’ve been using Opera for a couple of years now and version 8 is kinda pissing me off. Right now I’m trying to decide whether to uninstall v.8 and re-download v.7.54 or give Opera the boot and switch to Firefox.

I’ve used Firefox before on friends’ computers and I like it, but I hate using the mouse and have gotten used to Opera’s extensive keyboard shortcuts. I’ve done some searching but can’t figure out if there are any Firefox extensions that mimic Opera’s shortcuts. The cuts I’m looking specifically looking for are, in order of personal necessity:

A and Q move to the next or previous link, respectively
Ctrl+G - gets rid of crappy backgrounds (author/user mode toggle)
1 and 2 moves to previous and next tabs
Ctrl+Tab works within Opera as Alt+Tab works within Windows

  • and - zooms out and in.
    4 minimizes a page
    Ctrl+W closes a page

I know there are some Firefox gurus around here so if y’all can help me convert to Firefox I’d really appreciate it.

As far as I know, there’s no way in Firefox to tile the tabs or minimize the tabs, which is what some of your shortcuts seem to refer to.

Some Firefox shortcuts:

Tab: Move to the next link in the page.
Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Move to the previous link.
Ctrl-Tab: Move to the next tab.
Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Move to the previous tab.
Ctrl-W: Close the current tab.
Ctrl-T: Open a new tab.
Ctrl- +/-: Increase or decrease text size.