Opera browser version 9 - thoughts?

I downloaded this yesterday from www.opera.com

So far so good. It seems to render things a bit better than 8.5. It is nice they manage to keep it small without a bunch of useless bloat. Memory use seems in-line with 8.5. It seems as stable as the other Operas.

Of course the talk is all about “widgets” - Opera answer to firefox extentions. I could do without the widgets myself. I don’t need a little box on my desktop telling me the weather or the time. I expect some useful widgets to be along shortly.

Anyone else running Version 9? Thoughts so far ?

I only downloaded it yesterday and I’ve yet to surf with it, but it doesn’t look too bad so far. Could give Firefox some competition.

IIRC, I think it was Firefox that lifted the tabbed look from Opera, but I could be wrong. Firefox seems to have become more popular than Opera in the long run though.

The only annoyance I have with Opera 9 at the moment is the change in keyboard shortcuts. In the old version, “ctrl + n” was open a new blank tab. In the new version “ctrl + n” is open a new window containing a new blank tab and “ctrl + t” is open a new blank tab. I get forgetting and ending up with new windows everywhere. My usual habit when I’m doing some research is to hit “ctrl + n” a few times then type in url’s to those tabs whilst I go back to the first tab. At the moment I keep forgetting and ending up with a bunch of new windows all over the place!