Firefox - New tab problem

Hopefully somebody can help. I downloaded an update to the wonderful browser firefox so I’m now version 1.0.6. Before the update I could right click and open a link in a new tab. Handy if I was googling or things like that. Now when I right click and select a “open in a new tab” it does nothing. Can anybody help?

I had problems with the upgrade, too. Every time I tried to open anything I would get a message that Roboform was interfering and then my system would freeze. I finally ended up going back to v1.0.4. I never saw a v1.0.5. Is there one?

1.0.5 was out for a short time, but broke some extension APIs, so 1.0.6 came out about a day or so after.

yastobaal: What extensions do you have installed?

yastobaal, doesnt middle-clicking do the same trick - opening in a new tab?

Middle clicking unfortunatly doesn’t work either. My extensions are: DOM Inspector, Mouse Gestures, Tabbrowser Extensions, Adblock and DictionarySearch.

Betcha it’s the Tab Browser extension. I had a similar problem at work. You can temporarily disable extensions - I’ll bet things work properly after that. I’ll check what setting you have to toggle tomorrow.

I’m still in 1.0.4, so I don’t know if this is relevant at all, but ctrl-click does the same thing (if you set it that way in the preferences), so if it’s a problem with the right-click menu itself, then try using ctrl-click instead.

Bingo. Thanks for that. I looked to see if there was an update to the Tab Browser extension and downloaded the one I found. Sorted out the problem. Thanks again.