Firefox Search Engine Mini-icons?

Does anyone know where Firefox stashes the tiny icons for its search engines? I use both the Google and the Google News engines, and the icons are, very confusingly, the same. That needs to be fixed.
Firefox being open source and all, I figured they’d have a page on writing these things somewhere, but I hit the mozilla website and bounced.
If I knew the file, I could go in with a text editor, located the icon codes, and blast away. That’d fix the problem, unless they did something nasty like allow for dynamic updating of the little pictures.

i always just assumed the search box used the favicon in there - in which case, i believe you’re s.o.l.

On my installation they’re in the main Mozilla install directory hierarchy, somplace like

C:\Program Files\Mozilla\searchplugins\google.gif


I’m on a Mac.
I found it and, I think, fixed it though.
After finding and looking at this: Advanced Mozilla-Search Plugin Documentation, I decided I didn’t want to take the time to read for understanding, so I went to the search engine page linked in the OP, and downloaded an engine I’d never use. Then I ran a disk-file search search for the name of the plugin, and found it inside the Firefox application package.
Opened the package (using contextual menu), and there, inside a search plugin folder, were two files “googlenews.src” and “googlenews.gif.” The .gif was the icon. The .src contained this bit of code


I photoshopped the icon, saved it, got its path by dragging the file into a browser window (file:///Applications/, and modified the update icon line of the .src file to

It works now, and shows my new icon. In 10 days it should look to update the icon, and find the version on my HD rather than the one at the google news site.