Firefox won't scroll right

Hey, anyone know why all of a sudden the “Home” and “End” keys no longer give me a vertical scroll, but instead just move the cursor to the respective end of the horizontal line?

I can’t find a setting to change it back.

That’s the normal behavior when an input field has focus. If you click somewhere outside a text area, “Home” and “End” should scroll the page like usual, but any time you have a blinking text insertion caret, those keys are supposed to move to the beginning/end of the currently selected line, respectively.

Right, I understand that. It no longer works that way for me.

One bump. No one? Dang.

Why don’t you just delete Firefox and then re-download it and install?

You can copy the bookmarks and save them before you uninstall it.

If there’s not an input field in focus, what cursor are you referring to? It’s not actually moving your mouse pointer over is it?

Um . . . I’m not sure. But there is no case in which my home and end keys work anymore; I’ve tried clicking on the page, on the slider, on the, what, the slider track, nada. “Home” and “end” have been effectively, entirely, permanently changed from a vertical page scroll to a single-horizontal-line orientation. No matter how many fixes I try.

Strange. Does it happen on every pages, or only one specified page? Also, do you recently installed some Add-ons? How “home” and “end” behave in other programs - is it problem only with Firefox? Is visible text cursor on screen? If yes, is it visible all time, or only when you press home/end?

Go into your Firefox options under Advanced, and uncheck the “Always use cursor keys to navigate pages” option. That should fix it (Assuming you mean an insertion point cursor).

Huh, well whattaya know… I’ve never noticed that Accessibility option before.

Nice catch, CoBa!