Was wondering if anybody here like fireworks? I personally am a fireworks enthusiast, oh, and thre’s even a message board for it:
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I’ve removed the link, Daylight Saving, as we prohibit advertising here. It is only that you made another post that keeps me from assuming you’re a spammer.

I enjoy watching fireworks displays but I think their sale should be restricted from the general public because of the dangers involved.

There, that ought to get this one going :slight_smile:

That would shut down one of the biggest Indian festivals of the year: Diwali just isn’t Diwali without fireworks. I agree that precautions should be taken, but not the wholesale banning of all fireworks. Although if my idiot ex-neighbours who insisted on starting their firecracker (not sparkly, but BANG!) madness at 11pm and went on till 3am could be banned, I’d be perfectly happy.

It’s the festival of lights, you overgrown ape, not an excuse for you to display to the world how insensitive and juvenile you are. These were loud crackers - window-rattling thumps at 1 minute intervals for hours on end is rather wearing on the nerves.

I don’t care if they want to blow their own fingers off, but the idiots setting them off in an overgrown park when it hasn’t rained in two months are certainly a danger to everyone.

Restrictions would have to be federal to even minimally work. Basically, in Denver Metro, anything that leaves the ground or goes boom is illegal. All they do is drive up I-25 to the first exit in Wyoming and shop there.

I wouldn’t mind half so much if people would restrict use to the appropriate days. Firecrackers and shit going off all day the 4th of July? I can live with that. Setting them off all day for two weeks before and after the 4th? Not so much.

Chinese New Year is pretty much a free for all for fireworks. You love fireworks, come to shanghai on Chinese New Year eve. You want really fancy fireworks, go to Japan for the " hanabi" festivals in the summer.

tonight is the 15th and final day of the chinese new year season. At midnight, it will sound like a shooting war has started and the air will become foggy with smoke.

On Chinese New Years this year, the Beijing airport cancelled 300 flights because the smoke from the fireworks combined with the normal for this time of year haze made it hazardous to land…just think about how many fireworks need to go off to cause a fog thick enough to close an airport. :eek:

Actually, injuries havebeen going down in the past years; they are safe it one uses them properly and does not let a small child use them.
Its irresponsibility that causes most, if not all, injuries.
The police around here will look the other way for illegal ones on July 4th, and you hardly ever hear them other days (except maybe Super Bowl Sunday or a big football game).

I like fire and I like work, wait, no I dont…

Well, I really like fire and anything explosive, so count me in the “loves fireworks” crowd.