Have there been more fireworks than usual in your area?

Some online have said such, with some media taking notice in some areas. Others claim that it’s near minority areas, and that it’s a step in a government suppression campaign (next comes rolling blackouts and water rationing, apparently). Regardless of the truth of that, I was curious if anyone had noticed more fireworks than usual where they were, especially if they live in an urban area, and wondering if tongues were wagging for a reason or not.

Sure seems like it in my part of Sacramento, CA. I am getting very tired of playing “was that a firework or a gunshot” every evening, until ridiculously late hours. Contrary to what some bozos think, there are still those of us deemed “essential” who still have to go to work (and get paid less than those on unemployment are getting, but that’s another rant) and really need to get some damn sleep!

Yes. It’s been going on nightly for weeks now. I live on the edge of the very dry foothills. I’m just waiting for everything to burn. I don’t know who’s doing it, but I’d like to.

In my experience, second largest city in a midwestern state, I am hearing fewer fireworks than in years previous. I’m guessing that may be because fireworks were just recently associated with the human justice demonstrations, bringing harsh woes upon all nearby.

I am all for fewer fireworks however I can get it. For my sake and the sake of others with PTSD, especially veterans who have already given more than enough.

Some sporadic firecrackers in the area after dark, but not too bad. Yet.

The fireworks problem has been growing for years, but I have noticed a sharp increase this year. Ten years ago I pretty much only heard fireworks on the 4th, maybe a few on the 3rd. It’s long since grown to at least the entire week. But this year I started hearing them in early June, and I suspect they’re not just early revelers.

A lot more here, starting two or three weeks ago, despite the fact that state law prohibits the sale, use, and posession of fireworks.

I’m hearing them sometimes when I go out, which isn’t often, so that says something, and I do hear other people complaining about them much more than before (and beginning about a week ago).

Of the many things I love about apartment living, there is a rule in my complex that fireworks can be set off only on July 4, and the weekend before July 4th, and there is also a curfew-- 11pm Friday & Saturday, 10pm Sunday, & 1am the 5th of July. I can live with that. There’s also a rule for how early in the morning they can be set off, but I don’t recall what it is.

We always actually buy a few, but when my son was little, he hated to loud ones, so we bought things like ground-bloom flowers, which actually look pretty cool after dark. We have stuck to those types.

Haven’t seen any at all. This is definitely the time of year, especially this weekend coming between the Quebec national holiday (June 24) and Canada Day (July 1). In other years, our town would have a great fireworks show tonight, but not this year.

Lots more in RVa it seems to me, and from locations where we don’t usually see them. No idea why. A neighbor thought they might be done be the ‘night shift’ of our ongoing protests. I’m not sure.

More than usual, but not too bad… until next weekend.

Lots of fireworks around us, with an especially large number of “professional” type ordnance. A guy I know who is shady af asked if I wanted to buy any “really good” fireworks. He told me he has a source that usually sells to communities for their July 4 display and has a ton of unsold stuff due to COVID.

Nothing here in Portland so far, but that will change by next weekend. The fucking morons down the street will be firing their illegal air burst explosives, frightening the cat and making me jump. I really hate this time of year.

Definitely. Normally we get some leading up to the 4th, but this year they started Memorial Day weekend. Lots on Juneteenth too. What I don’t understand is why people shoot them off at 3pm? I was washing the car and wouldn’t you know it some idiots are shooting off the large mortar report rounds a block away. I mean, really?

Rogers Park / Chicago for reference…

Activity is picking up here. Last night we sat on the porch and watched the Roman candles explode over the distant fields/city. Pluto (our spaniel) was interested but not scared.

I’ve heard a greater number than usual in the Chicago suburbs. I figure that municipal displays may have been canceled so everyone headed over the border into Indiana and bought up stuff for the backyard and is now lighting them off out of curiosity or just “Damn, we bought a lot of shit”. Just my guess though.

There has definitely been an increase, but not more than a is typical this time of year (that is, I haven’t noticed a COVID bump). Though apparently sales are up. I imagine some private not precisely legal displays on the 4th.


They’ve been going nuts here the last couple of weeks in the evenings and nights, but at least only on weekend nights. No doubt building to the crescendo this coming Saturday, by which time it’ll sound like the fall of Saigon around here.

Then there’s the usual, gradual tapering off over the next week or so.

South Bay area of Los Angeles County. Way, way more than previous years and much earlier. It started around the second week of June, which lined up with when all the local high schools would have had graduation ceremonies, but those were all cancelled due to COVID-19. That 's what I assumed was the source of “alternative” celebrations. But it hasn’t stopped since. It has been picking up in intensity this weekend and I expect the 4th to be non-stop explosions from sundown to 1 or 2 in the morning, especially since all the profession public shows are cancelled this year.

Then I expect the usual 2 weeks or so of stragglers setting off their leftovers.

Much fewer here than in previous years. I’ve only heard one incident of firecrackers so far.