First Britney, next Donald, then who?

It appears that Donald Trump may shave his head if he loses a bet. Is this becoming a fad?

If so, who should be next in line to lose some locks?

I’m thinking Dave Letterman should dump the poorly designed rugs and try to outdo Paul Shaffer.

And then there’s the ring announcer I saw the other night, Dave somebody. Way too much hair.

Trump has the worst hair in the free world. I phrase it that way because Kim Jong-Il might be worse - I might like to see someone shave that guy’s head.

Agree on Trump- it boggles the mind that a guy with his riches can’t find a decent rug.

I agree - however, I would be interested in his motivation for having hair like that.
With a string of beauty obsessed wives, I can’t imagine none of them have suggested he get a different look. Perhaps it has become part of his public persona and so is loathe to get rid of it.

Yeah… in his case, isn’t “shaving his head” just going to mean temporarily doffing his toupee?

I’d like to see him make a bet with real consequences, something like… if he loses, he’s not allowed to open his big yap for three months.

I think The Donald just wants an easy way out from under the lie he told to Jay Leno a couple years ago. “Of course, it’s my own hair!”

“Shaving” it off, means he can save a little face, no hair, but some face.

He did a guest spot on Fresh Prince about 10 years ago, he had almost NO hair then!

Huh? Are we being whooshed here?

Everyone realizes that this is all scripted ahead of time, right? His hair isn’t going anywhere.

Are there still people who don’t realize that “professional” wrestling is scripted entertainment, rather than sport?

Scripted? Professional wrestling? :eek:

Oops. I guess I shouldn’t tell you about Santa Claus, then. :wink:

Are you, by any chance, talking about that guy with the tied back Predator-dreads on HBO last Saturday?

Well, that would definitely make Trump or Monkey different.

“What do you think, Paul? Is picture number 2 Trump’s head or a baboon’s ass?”

That’s the boy. If Lennox had his hair down I suspect that announcer’s would make Lennox look bald.

Huh? What’s left clearly isn’t a rug.

Worse than this?

At least Don King’s hair is fun.

Trump’s hair is just foolish.

I thought it was. Or has he stopped joking about his toupee?

Shoot, I thought the Donald thing was going to be settled on Monday. April 1 is the actual bout to decide it.

I always thought Trump’s hair was his own. Just a really bad combover. Surely even a bad toupee would be better than his own hair.

Somebody is going to get their head shaved at Wrestlemania. If it’s Trump, he will have agreed to it beforehand, of course. More likely is it will end up being Vince McMahon. I think McMahon has chosen a wrestler named Umaga as his designated champion, while Trump has yet to name one. My guess will be that Trump will pick either Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan. Whoever he picks will then go over Umaga, and Vince gets a haircut while Trump laughs.

It’ll be Vince getting shaved. The good guy always gets put over at Wrestlemania.

Same here. I think it must take a whole team of servants to achieve the look. And a case of Aquanet a week.