Donald Trump

Hi Guys,
I don’t care what side your on, but wouldn’t you love to see this guys hair when he gets out of the shower.

The “hair” doesn’t get in the shower with him.

Palin-Trump — 2016 !

Oh, I gotta disagree on this one; no way is that a rug! It looks to me like the world’s most effed up comb over.

Seriously. I’ve seen a few geezers with something like it and it is nasty and pathetic looking but in each case it was their real hair.


Just Google “Trump comb over wind” for [del]poof[/del] proof.

No, he just came too close to a Klingon.

Please do not talk about seeing Donald Trump when he comes out of the shower.

Rule 34.

Would you like some brain bleach to go with that trauma?

To northern piper,
Sorry about that.
I didn’t think it through.
I just thought about the hair ( or what ever that thing on his head is ).
The thought of seeing the rest of him is pretty scary.

You would think a guy with that much ego, that much vanity, and that much money would have found a way to deal with his hair problem.

There are a couple of images of his hair blowing around in the wind and some hair dresser discussion on-line about the ‘comb-over’ techniques he uses. That’s a lot of effort on his part to hide his hair loss. Most men with that amount of loss and who are also jumping through that many hoops to hide their baldness should probably just go ahead and cut that mess off. They would look better and less ridiculous if they did.

Personally, I can’t wait to see him and his hair boarding the presidential helicopter once he gets elected! Plus, I’m dying to find out his 100% foolproof method of defeating ISIS that he won’t tell us about until he’s elected. I wonder if it involves hiring ISIS to build a bunch of hotels or golf courses?

I have no way of knowing, but I would like to believe that in the sense of the actual hairstyle, that the carpeting matches the drapes.

Reported for forum change

I expect it’s smooth…just like a transition to MPSIMS.

It looks like roadkill.

You’d think the guy would spring for a few sessions with Hair Club for Men, or maybe a good toupee.

Donald Trump walks into a bar. The bartender takes one look at him and asks “Where did you get that hideous thing?” And Trump’s hair said “I woke up one day and it was growing out of my ass.”

A combunder to match the combover?

You’re forgetting the lacquer to hold everything in place.

Wasn’t there some football coach with the same impossibly stable plastic hairdo some years back?

I explained that over in the other thread. He’ll just fire them.