First Cecil Post since 10-08-2005, 03:40 PM.

In the “Going Postal” thread.

I just thought some dopers might be interested.


You beat me by four minutes. :mad:

I was wondering if that cat ever posted. :slight_smile:

I think it was an impostor! The REAL Perfect Master wouldn’t have had to use the edit function!

Sorry, I was startled to see the User Name and did a quick check on his last post.

Very rarely these days.


Don’t apologize, you won far and square :cool: .

Now, I see that **Ed Zotti’s ** last activity was from yesterday as well. Shall we begin the conspiracy theories?

Well for what it is worth, Ed Zotti’s last post was in my Comments on Cecil’s Columns. :wink:

You want conspiracy theories though, I can go one better. **TubaDiva ** had a small flury of activity between 11:22pm and 11:29pm and Last Activity: Yesterday 11:32 PM…

… Da-da-dum …
Is *Cecil the User Profile * just a shared Sock used by the Admins?

I don’t know, but I do know they have never all been in my kitchen. :wink:

[sarcasm]Pfft, can you really trust anyone with less the 3000 posts?[/sarcasm]

He just made it perfecter is all.

No, it merely shows that he’s normal just like us. Who didn’t play with the edit function for no reason when it appeared? “Let he who has not edited cast the first post!”

Man, he ALWAYS posts in guest’s messages. No love for us old-timers. Cecil is like a bank - you get a free toaster if you open a new account, but nothin’ for the tried and true long term customers.

stomps away, grumbling

Doesn’t matter to me whether he responded to a guest, Member, Charter Member or whoever – this is a red letter day. Hope he’s not like a comet and waits another few years (or decades!) before making an appearance again.

Admins? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are no Admins.

All hail Cecil. He lives! :smiley: