First family photos

It’s going to be so wonderful to have this lovely family in the White House. I’m thrilled at the thought of finally having a leader I can be proud of.

Love the purple socks!

Very cute photos, thanks for sharing the link!!

I love that he went trick-or-treating with his girls Friday.

Did he wear a McCain mask?

Anybody care to share some cuddly John and Cindy pics? Do they even show up on film?:dubious:

Here’s some video of Barack taking Sasha out. I can’t do video at the moment so I haven’t watched it myself, but there’s also a picture of her. She is adorable!

Actually, they do. I couldn’t find any cuddly pictures.

I actually did laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle. :smiley:

Cindy, in particular, looks straight out of central casting, for a vampire movie if you ask me!