first lady fight!

This was inspired by the who would win Bush or Kerry thread.
So…who would win: Teresa or Laura?

Teresa’s my girl and she would win in a walk! It wouldn’t even be a fight as much as a one-sided ass whomping.

(I just posted this in the Bush vs. Kerry thread)

Laura Bush would work her over so hard Teresa would lose her accent.

Yep. Teresa, hands down favorite. No contest.

This one’s not even close. Teresa would beat the living crap out Laura. They would have to stop the fight.

Laura is a very pleasant lady, although her taste in men is questionable. She does have the advantage of having served on the front lines in a classroom situation. However, I get the feeling that if you left her alone in a closed room for thirty minutes with Theresa Heinz-Kerry, there would be no need for a fight. Laura would be join the Kerry team.

The only way Terezzzzah would win is if she hired someone to fight for her.

Stupid me read that as if you had been in your first “lady fight”. :wally

Gotta stop glancing at thread titles.

The strong and determined and disciplined Laura Bush would find it abhorrent that she should find herself in such a position, but due to the qualities I just mentioned she would easily outmatch her spoiled, pampered and willful opponent.

Are you kidding? Theresa all the way. She’s like a badger. They’d need the jaws of life to peel her off Laura.

Therese comes off as fiesty, but one thing that everyone in America should know: don’t mess with a southern woman, because we will put a hurtin’ on you. Laura would grab Therese by the hair, give her the what for with her handbag, then bust her over the head with a chair and it’d all be over.

Texan women do not play, y’all!

That’s my take, too. Theresa’s fiesty, but I think that’s about it. It’s easy to be fiesty when you’re rich and accountable to no one; it’s another to be a Texas schoolmarm, mother of two beautiful daughters and the wife of a two-term Texas governor and President of The United States. She’s tough as nails it seems to me.

Terry Kerry would mow that Bush.

If we’re talking fencing or jousting or some aristocratic type of duel, Teresa.

If we’re talking broadswords or just a good ol’ throwdown, Laura totally.

Oh, Please. It’s not like you have to be a nightclub bouncer to be a school librarian. Teresa would beat the ketchup out of Laura.

Teresa would win.

Unless, of course, Mrs. Bush is drving her car.

[sub]I’m a bad boy, but it’s the pain medication talking.[/sub]

Laura would kick the Ketchup Queen’s ass so hard that Theresa would shit from between her shoulderblades for a month.

Laura strikes me as a typical southern belle.
Pat Conroy, in his book, The Great Santini, describes a southern belle as (paraphrase) having an iron fist in a velvet glove.

If Laura were a real librarian, my money would be on her, but since recent comments from her suggest she thinks a librarian’s job is to sit around and read a whole lot, I’d put all my money on Teresa to pound the heel of her shoe right through Laura’s political hair. It’d be all-you-can-eat at the ass whuppin’ buffet.

I never liked the bitch, and now she’s embarassing the profession even more these days, I hope the ketchup queen does clean her clock something righteous. I’d definately pay for a ticket to that one.

Elizabeth Dole could take them both. At the same time. With one punch.