First time

Can anyone tell me what there first time was like? I am curious to find out if my experience was similar to others? Thanks:)


First time what? Skiing, fishing, mountian biking, caber tossing, swimming, archery, gumboot tossing…
Or sex?

The first time I ever had an orgasm, it was the most beautiful most memorable experience. I can never forget it. It was just totally awesome and wonderful. I just wish I had a partner to share that with…

I was all wet and slick, there was even some blood.

I was naked, suspended upside down by my ankles.

I was confused, blinded, didn’t know what to think.

Then I felt the cold slap on my rear.

It was then that I took my first breath ever and started to cry.


“It was also a group thing with people who liked to watch.”

It was awful.

I threw up afterwards.

It was red wine. I didn’t drink for a long time after that.

You did mean the first time I got drunk, no?

Well, my mommy and daddy prepared me very well for it. They told me exactly what I would need to do. So, I climbed up on the big girl potty…and out it came! No more diapers! Exhilirating!


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