First time (sex)

I posted a message before but I wanted to be more clear. Can anyone share what there first sexual experience was like. I am curious if my experience was sililar to others? thanks:)

There’s already a thread for that.

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Interesting first posts, something on your mind lilly?

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Well, let’s see. I guess my first time was pretty ordinary for the time. I was 16 and it was 1963. While walking home from a basketball game a Playboy centerfold in a Corvette pulled over and offered me a ride. But she took me to her home where her two sisters (they were tripletts) rode me till three in the morning. When she took me home she gave me $100 and told me if I didn’t say anything she’d be back tomorrow.

Man, I was so sore I couldn’t jack off for hours.

Happened one year ago today.

No, really. I figured this is as good a place to mention it as any other.

September 27, 2002 with my then-girlfriend (now fiancee). I thought I would be a lot more nervous/fumbling/etc, but … it just worked. Can’t really explain it other than to say there’s a lot of really strong indicators with her that we just fit:)

Troy McClure SF, I beat you by a few days. February 11, 2002. Nyah nyah.

I remember my first sexual experience.

It was dark. I was nervous. I was alone.

Um, did you mean similar to or sillier than? Because, for most people, those’d be different questions…

First time sucks… it was horrible…
all 1.5 seconds of it… but luckily… it keeps getting better and better…

seriously though… I was too nervous… it was horrible…

actually now that I think about it… my first time was 5 years and 2 days ago…

Come to think of it, it was a hearing woman & she didn’t know sign language or use a paper & pencil & we didn’t have an interpreter during sex. She might have fingerspelled, but anyway, I don’t think we said anything at all, but I did keep lights on just to be sure.

I don’t know the date of the worse day of my life. O.K. there we were, me and my x. As we started we both were virgins she started yelling. About 2-3 min into it she made me stop while still screaming… So I stopped, still she screamed. She said i seriously hurt her someway. She couldn’t walk for about 45 min. all she did was scream. So I said to hell with that and went in the living room and watched some T.V. Ok it was Bugs Bunny :wink:

But it ended up a month later all she wanted was to have sex and I didn’t want that in a relationship… So is it possible to name that the worse day of my life?

Um… Did I miss something in that last post, or no? Is Allen Funt gonna pop out at me from behind a bush with a video camera?

For me, it was unromantic and awkward. I was glad when it ended. Fortunately, it got better as I made wiser decisions about who, when, and why.

My advice: Don’t raise your expectations unrealistically about “the first time”.

Yeah, my first time was pretty horrible. It was over in the time it takes a television character to drive across LA in the middle of the day. But it was worth it, and the girl was very sweet about it. We’re still together. Plus, it gives you a new goal to work towards, specifically, not sucking. (“Sucking” in the figuratively way.)

And it wasn’t my first opportunity. The previous September I had a girlfriend who really wanted to have sex, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to forever associate her with such a milestone. Boy am I glad I waited.

16, drunk, in a garage, on top of a washing machine, with a guy i’d just met.

not the best way.

trust me.

You’re meant to switch the washing machine on.

Damn it, they told me I was special.