First time experiences

I lost my virginity when I was 19, but never experienced an orgasm until about 2 weeks ago (I’m 22).

I wouldn’t have guessed that I would be so loud…or convulse. Basically, getting off is SO much more fantastic than I thought it would be…and I thought it would be pretty fantastic.

This doesn’t have to be about orgasms or sex - that was just my contribution (and this forum is on a sex roll, so what the hell). This is just a thread about the first time you experienced anything major - was it how you thought it would be? A disappointment? Or better than you expected…

Anyway, here’s my first post. :slight_smile:

My first time was sure fine. Second was sure fine too.

Third was the kicker. Whooboy. I haven’t had an experience like that since then.

(Of course, it helps that I hadn’t had an orgasm in many months before that. Once I found the right angle, it was a matter of a few seconds. Finding the right angle, of course, took a few tries.)

I was raped when I was thirteen.

It really wasn’t all that horrible or traumatic. I mean, yeah I get all nauseated when I think about it, but most of the time I forget until I hear someone bring up the subject. I’m all “lol, oh yeah. One time…”

It’s just something bad that happened to me. It’s not my fault and I’ve put it behind me. I believe people let stuff like that take over their lives.

Oh, wait-- got another. I’m seventeen and I just tasted beer for the first time a few weeks ago. How the heck do people drink that stuff? Ick. =P

It’s an acquired taste like many things - coffee, for instance. Almost no one sips coffee for the first time - especially if it’s black and unsweetened - and says “Wow, I want more!” Plus it helps if you’re drinking decent beer. I tasted the typical mass-produced stuff in college and gagged; drinking it was a means to an end (getting enough of a happy buzz just to be relaxed). Beer like Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss and JW Dundee’s Honey Brown made me realize beer could actually taste pretty good. Since then my tastes have gone far afield, I love beer for the experience of trying different kinds, and I even brew it at home.

Oh yeah, my taste of coffee for the first time was pretty much what I described above. I think I was a pre-teen and sipped my mother’s coffee - ew! Even these days I can’t drink it without at least some cream/milk and sweetener. It’s something about the bitterness that just puckers my mouth and makes me not want to continue.

I was 9 or 10 the first time I realized that just about the only thing adults talk or think about is sex. I was playing Pick-up Stix with my cousins while our parents played pinochle, and I was just old enough to understand the sexual innuendo of the wisecracks flying around the card table. That was the moment it occurred to me that almost everything any adults ever talked about had to do with sex. I was very troubled by that thought, and promised myself that I wasn’t going to be like that. I’m sad to report that I failed miserably.

The been there, done that, don’t know why…
About 4 years ago and I can still remember every feeling, smell the blood, see it all and recall the slow-motion sequence of events that was my first life-or-death emergent/ no doc delivery. I had caught babies alone, had been in on poor outcome deliveries and emergency surgeries but I was taking over for night shift and walked into a birthing room to get report. I do that every day but that morning the mom fooled us all and the baby was there and Nights and I prepared to catch. Baby was in our hands and the umbilical cord snapped off at the base and arced up in a shower of blood, streaming all over the room. I grabbed it and clamped as nights clamped baby and we auto-piloted out way through the routine and calmly went to the locker room to change our soaked uniforms, dodged into the med room, and cried. Hugged each other and bawled, so glad, so relieved, we didn’t panic, was that the most biazzare thing ever, how are we going to explain what happened, why, how? Now giggling hysterically, blood in our hair, in our shoes, we looked deranged and we were. Later we met with the docs and our managers and gave a minute by minute report on everything we did exactally right and the cord came back from pathology with no good reason why it separated like that.
I tell people “you can’t scare me, I’m a nurse.”

The first time I hosted a radio call-in show, I was 21. I’d been a DJ for several years; I did most of my work in the productions studio. But on this day, I was roped into substituting for the host of a “trading post” type show. I’d never listened to it. I’d also never had to think of something to say for an hour. As airtime approached, I broke into a sweat and couldn’t catch my breath. I was not just shaking, I was vibrating. Then the light went on, and I started talking and taking calls. Then it gets fuzzy. I think it may possibly have been a slow start to the program, with no calls coming in right away. This made my panic rise to alarm levels, and I went on auto-pilot. I have no memory of what happened for the duration of the show. The memory is not gone, I’m not blocking it… I have no memories of that experience at all. I don’t know if it was any good, I don’t know if it sucked horribly. I do know that I wasn’t asked to do the program again. And in the 27 years since, I have never hosted another talk program.

sucked, I dont even know if i got it up i was so EXCITED/Shitbaked to loose it. and then a ED comercial came on right afterwards… totally brutal…

Nothing since has been close to that, thank God

err obviously im talking about drinking beer as well.

I own a garage full of motorcycles now. I remember the first time I rode a street bike. My friend came over on his first street bike, and I went to take it around the block to try it. Holy shit I was gone for almost an hour. I couldn’t believe how fun it was. He was sure I crashed I was gone so long.